Can anyone identify this unicycle?

I randomly stumbled on these uni photos on Pinterest and I really love the angular geometry of the forks. Anybody know what unis these are? Are they custom made?

Here’s the source:


They look custom made. @jaco_flans , any ideas?

There was a thread on this forum of similar frames homemade with stainless steel.
Cannot remember the name of the forum member. I will try to search for it :wink:

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And the proud owner of these unique unicycles is @Rubberduck !

You can read the original thread here: Stainless & Fat


Those frames remind me of my old Wilder frame. They were also rectangular cross section, but curved up and over at the crown, and made of nice, light aluminum!

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@rubberduck this matches the name of the pinterest user

It would be nice to see an update on where these are now and if they held up and are still ridden .

yeah I want one. I like the frame and the purple pedals

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I mean they are pretty opposite to how I think my ideal frame would be constructed - but, I can’t deny they look very cool.

It looks like it’s been 6 years since Rubberduck has been active here and 3 years since he has updated his pinterest page. You might try reaching out to him to see if he’s open to selling.

I can’t speak to others interests, but as for myself, I typically will find a hobby and become obsessed with it for 1-5 years or so. Then something else will replace it and the cycle will begin again. I’m projecting here, but I suspect Rubberduck may have moved on from unicycles.

I could imagine that is the case with making unicycles, but I think riding is for life, at least in my case. I’m at year 6 now with unicycling and nothing new interesting has crossed my path. Tried playing with wave-boards, but ended up longing for my unis.

When I move on from a hobby I usually thin my collection out a bit, but I keep my choicest gear, as I often end up rekindling my interest a few years later. If someone were to offer me a decent price for some of the cool stuff I’ve got in my basement however, I’d likely sell as I could use that money to build up a Hatchet or something else I don’t currently have.

Now if it were me those custom fat unicycles would be what I would consider as the choicest of choice gear, but you never know. Peoples health and circumstances change and if he hasn’t used them in years…

To me the Hatchet mostly looks cool, but I find narrower wheel more comfy to ride. Occasionally I take it for a spin, but it requires a lot of energy, but it is extremely easy to mount.

I’ve got Hatchet curiosity and I’d like to try one out for a month or so, but I can’t see myself spending $850 for a unicycle that might just end up being a wall hanger that rarely ever gets used. Especially when you figure that’s with entry level brakes, pedals and saddle.

Maybe one will turn up on the trading post or Craigslist though and I’ll get it out of my system.

I find that I ride my hatchet as much as my other unicycles. I think riding a big clumsy unicycle makes my other standard unicycles feel a lot easier plus I do like the cool factor of the hatchet and the comments about are very different with it.

I have curiosity about 36" as I wouldn’t want one but would like to try one!


Not a hatchet, but I have the Mad4One Fat 27.5 and I love it! I’ve been riding for about a year now and got it specifically for muni and riding fat bike trails in the winter and compared to riding on my 29 gravel uni (2.25" Race King tire) I love having the extra wheel size for Muni. It’s really forgiving and cushions the ride a lot.

Yes it cushions a lot, but it also bounces like a tractor all the time, especially if you want to go a bit faster. It gives a strange feeling. For me the cool factor is enough to hold on to it. The only uni I ever sold was a KH26 with schlumpf hub. That was just not for me.