can anyone host my vid?

does anyone know any sites i could host my videos?i just made some new very good ones and want to see what people think. and the galery doesnt work for me.thanks

If you want, you send me the video and I can post it in the gallery. How large are the files?

Here is a good few sites that work:

Provides 50 MB Web Space, 5 GB Transfer.
All file types supported.

I’ll put it in that album I tried creating for you if you want. Send it to carter.andrew at


I’m having trouble posting my own videos aswell, anyone wanna help me out by posting them?


thank you…i tried to email it to you andrew but it wasnt working. so now i am trying to put it on upload4free…thanks

hey andrew did you ever get an email from me? i tried again and thought it worked but idk.

I ( do hosting of streaming video. Events, on demand, customized solutions, whatever.

I can do Real-streaming.

I can offer Flash Communication Server.

Recently I made a nice agreement with Microsoft to licence virtual hosting of streaming video for an affordable price.

And next month I will probaly have 2 Apple xserves to do quicktime streaming.

So just drop me a mail, and indicate what’s your plan and what your needs are.

If you e-mail me very rapidly I have a great opportunity for you.

No I haven’t recieved that email from you, that’s odd.