can anyone give me some tips on pedal planting pleasey?

I’ve been attempting to learnt to pedal plant for quite a while and bizaarely have’nt been able to find a good tutorial anywhere. any tips anyone?? thanks :smiley:

1)dig a hole
2)place pedal in hole
3)bury the pedal
4)water regularly and wait until your pedal plant has grown

Growing times vary depending on make of pedal

Do you mean pedal grabs? Like crank grabs but on the pedal?

that could help but I cant do it myself to help :frowning:

OK, well this is more or less how i would tell someone to do them…
I learnt to do them SI first, then moved on to SIF once i was comfortable.

  1. Approach ledge/bench;
  2. Either stop and start to hop on the spot or if you can do stand stills stop and come to a stand still;
  3. Hop up and land on the pedal, being sure to keep your weight on the pedal that is on the ledge to balance yourself, you may need to take your other foot off the other pedal in order to stay up;
  4. Keep hold of the seat otherwise you will fall down;
  5. Get ready to swing up the uni, and jump at the sasme time (kinda leaning towards the ledge so you move up onto it, this bit takes the most committment out of the whole thing in my opinion;
  6. Once you are on the ledge hop back down and ride away or ride along it…

If you dont want to get up onto what you are planting onto just stall on the pedal (do up to (not including) step 5 and jump down.

Hope this helps!

Just hop sideways and land on your crank and pedal. It really doesn’t get any easier then that.

He asked for pedal specifically, also, its not as easy as that, if he keeps even weight on the other pedal he will get nowhere.