Can anyone 540 unispin there muni...?

Well simple title and no polls as to please Harper…So has anyone ever landed one…I just did on my 06 Torker dx 24in rolling and to SI has anyone else landed one? I herd Justin K. might but im not sure…So0o0o?

I was gonna say Justin Kohse, but you just did, so this post is pointless except it bumps your thread!

I love m&ms too man.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. But seriously, 5ing munis is kinda weird.

Ha yeiya Peanut M&Ms are the shizznaxks!!!

Put it on VIDEO and post it!:DI HAVE to see that! :astonished:

Cody filmed it with a camera phone, he sent it to me a while ago but I thought it was a 360. Cell phone movies look horrible.

lol yeah its gay but here ya go…

Ohh I landed one really smooth and rolling but again the poor filming of Chris…

Wow, that looks worse than on my phone. The wheel was like 3 pixels.

Actaully it was filmed with a movie style camera…thsts jsut how bad a job Chris does…

I particularly like the photo you have after that video :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha well it was an impressive photo edit…took some time to nock on a great company like that…

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Hmmm…yeah, that was bothering me too.

Yes and the THIRD Homonym in this series, is “They’re”; a contraction of the words, “They are.”

L*L yeah my grammer aint great :smiley:

After years on &totse, I’ve learned that my grammatical aides along the way do nothing at all but slow people down. So there shall be no more of that! I may be posting once in a while (if anyone still remembers me…I knowm we’ve seen better days)

Actually yes I do remember you lol

Sorry, LOL, for a moment I thought I was on the totse fora and that someone cared :trolleyes:

:frowning: I get “This file no longer exists”

It wont let me see it.