can a nimbus 2 frame hold a trials tyre.

ive been riding for about 5 months. i was thinking about doing more street and trials stuff. i don’t have alot of money so i was wondering if a trials tyre would fit in a nimbus 2 frame without the tyre touching the frame.

I think that a trials tire would fit, there are lots of variations in the Nimbus II frames so some are tighter than others.

the bigger problem is that you have a rim meant for 20" bike tires. The rim that trials tires go on is 1" smaller to give approximately the same wheel diameter with the larger tire.

guess im just gonna have to save up a little longer
thank anyway

I think the only tire you will find would be the Onza Sticky Fingers 20x2.4. It’s a real 20" tire, not a 19". I think it might be made for a mod trials front wheel, but that should fit your rim. The question is whether or not you will have enough crown height to fit it. It might be close.

I put a trials style tire on my Nimbus II 24" and it works fine, took the whole thing down to the local bike shop to look at tires just to make sure. Of course, your mileage may vary on the smaller frame.

do you if the 20" trials tyre will be a good as 19" tyre. by this i mean if it will have as much bounce, the same grip e.g…