Can a BC wheel get speed wobbles?

I just went really fast down my street on my bc wheel and I was getting some massive speed wobbles and Evan just told me it’s impossible to get speed wobbles on a bc. Is he wrong or is my wheel just really out of true?

i have footage of tomsey on a bc going flat-out by the looks of it and he has massive speed wobbles aswel.

doesn’t evan use massive bcs??

im almost positive it’s possible on a bc.

Well if you call 24" and 26" massive.

has evan tried bigger than 26" yet?

Anything bigger than 26" means you are running a big risk of never being able to have kids.

(No, he hasn’t.)

I still want to see a coker bc though…:slight_smile:

Ha, maybe if it had a fender or something, or else I would definately not try it (I will leave that to the tall people.)

good idea! Spencer, I totally think you should have Evan or someone els weld you some brake brackets for your trials bc. It would be soo cool if you could static hop up stuff. That would make huge hops possible. It would be a bit pricey though.

nah if your legs a re longer then i’d say 1.9 feet long then you could ride a 36 bc

I don’t think my legs are that long…

That would be pointless, whats the point of it being a bc wheel if you are static hopping? Evan did make a BC brake a while ago, we didn’t like it very much.

Yes if you stand up straight, on a bc people tend to bend down sometimes to stay ballanced…ouch.

pretty much if you go fast enough on anything with 1,2 or 3 wheels you should be able to get speed wobbles

and ouch well then you legs would need to be aboot 2.5 feet tall maybe bigger

fun and sexy fatc stacy keibler’s legs are 42 inches long thats bigger then a coker

i am starting to use unicycles as a unit of measurement am i going insane or is it normal


I’ve experienced speed wobbles as well. I’m sure there are a lot of factors involved (imperfections in the tire, rim, bearings, riding surface, etc.) but the biggest are probably the minor corrections that are made while riding. Each one changes the axis of rotation slightly, which can amplify into a noticeable wobble.

If you do the ‘gyroscope’ exercise with the wheel (hold it in your hands and spin it really fast) and do some minor twists of the wheel you can definitely feel how wobbles can be induced.

I would say an out-of-true rim would most probably contribute to wobbling, but definitely isn’t the only factor involved.


Ok, thanks. That makes sense.
When I go at a good speed it doesn’t feel like I make any balance corrections (I can ride with my eyes closed and hands behind my back without moving) I guess there are small corrections I make without realizing it.

no you not going insane. i have used many thing as units of measurement. i have used people as a measurment before. i also use a rating measurement. as in: this post is about a 4. it might not be out 10 but it is a way of measuring things they way i want.