Can a 9 year old self mount a giraffe unicycle free standing?

My daughter turns 9 next week and is getting a giraffe unicycle for her birthday. She has a year and a half experiance on a regular unicycle and can ride around the block, free mount, even dribble and shoot a basketball! At circus camp this summer she rode a giraffe and immediate started asking for one. I figured why not? My concern is her ability to learn to get on it by herself (freestanding). At camp she used a balance beam to get on, something we don’t have laying around the house! I figured at first we could try a step ladder but I know she will enjoy it more if she can learn to get on it herself. Is it reasonable to expect she will be able to learn or is an average size 9 year old just too small to get on a giraffe free standing?

Giraffe height? Daughter height?

For best results with giraffe riding, it helps to be comfortable with idling and riding backwards. This will also be a big aid in mastering the freemount.

Giraffe is 5 feet I believe. She is about 4 feet 4 inches. I know she can idle. Not sure about riding backward. Good to know these are things to work on.

She will, kids are amazing things. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome that your 9 year old is asking for a giraffe. It must make you proud. I know I would be.:slight_smile:

In our club (SVUC) a rider must pass a test to graduate to riding a giraffe. That test is:

  • Idle left foot 25 times.
  • Idle right foot 25 times.
  • Hop 10 times.
  • Ride backwards the length of the gym floor, stop, ride forward. [/LIST]

    In order to graduate to the 3-stack they have to perform the above test on the giraffe. As John and others have said, idling and riding backwards are very important here. Riding the giraffe with one foot helps with confidence as well.

  • That’s list is a little bigger than mine, which is only the idle L, idle R and -unless the area is huge and entirely clear- also minimal 10m bw.
    But anyway, without having those skills it could easily become dangerous up there, so yes, some control skills are simply needed for your and other peoples safety. So I “+1” your list.

    I don’t see people answering the question you’ve asked, which is will she be able to freemount it. The answer is, yes, if she’s really athletic. If she can reach the bottom pedal while standing on the tire (which is likely) she can get up, but it’s almost a gymnastic move.

    But, freemounting isn’t required; there are always car hoods, and one can get up by putting the wheel against a wall or fence (especially chain-link) and climbing up it.