Campus riding

Hey, I am going to college next semester, and am trying to figure out some things about riding on campus. (yes I have searched the forums)
so here are some questions I have

  1. have you ever gotten in trouble for riding on campus
  2. how do you keep it safe when you are in class?
    3.? any other comment or what ever that you have
  1. You shouldn’t be able to get in trouble for riding it on campus. I’ve read that in most places (states), you are considered a pedestrian on a unicycle (non chained). So unless your campus has a by law specifically stating that unicycles are not allowed or something, you follow the law and you’re a pedestrian.

  2. If you have a smaller uni, take it in to class with you. It’ll also be a talking point. If not, I guess you could try to lock it up.

When I was going to the University of Saskatchewan I was learning to ride. I would lock my unicycle to the bike racks while I was in class. I never got in trouble and it was a great conversation starter.

After I dropped out of university I went to SIAST (a tech school) and since classes were a lot smaller and things were more informal I just brought my unicycle into the class with me. I was usually using my 36er while at SIAST.

My department head told me that I should at least be on two wheels one time after I came in from a blizzard, he sort of had a point as I fell on ice and hurt my hip that day.

I haven’t gotten in trouble for just commuting. I was told to “stop doing that” a couple of times by security personnel for doing tricks, but no one seems to care when I just ride it around.

If you can, bring it into class with you. If not, you can try locking it up, but I’m always a little worried when I do that… Bike theft is fairly common on campus, and a unicycle could draw attention. My 24" has a little lock loop on it so that I can feel a little safer when I lock it up.

my uni is a 24 inch so it is somewhat small i suppose. that is a good idea with the locking “loop” I am going to see if my shop teacher could rig that up on mine…

I never brought mine to class (at UC Santa Barbara) but I never had an issue with riding it on pedestrian paths. My friend Oren takes his into class with him, and I think Spencer does also. Also, skateboarders are allowed to ride on pedestrian paths, but a lot of people dislike them. So just don’t crash into people and I think it’ll all be okay.

  1. I’ve never been yelled at by a fellow student or university official for unicycling (well, apart from positive stuff). Everyone here seems to love it.

  2. I lock mine up at bike wraps with a cable-lock that i just hook through the spokes and around the metal bars. Occasionally when I forget to grab my lock on the way out, I’ll bring it in class, and no prof has seemed to mind.

Campus riding is immensely fun, and you’ll become addicted quickly, especially if your campus is large like mine. I live on the thing when I’m not in class or my dorm.

Campus riding is great, I commute about 3 miles to U of Louisville. Fun things I have done include:

Meeting another unicyclist

Racing a segway (for about 50ft, i smoked him!)

Getting on the new (that was at UT though, see my youtube)

I was riding trials with CT (mouse on the forums) and one of his friends at IU once and we did get hassled by the campus police. Fortunately they came while we were taking a break and we were able to convince them that we weren’t doing any “tricks”

Thanks for the ideas I guess I will just take it into class with me. Dudewithasock do you go to Texas A&M ?

Unicycling around campus is fine for me. I do tricks around my campus… hopping up picnic tables and rocks and such. I even bring my 36er to my classes and no one seems to mind… Just don’t ride it inside. Apparently it’s not appreciated by security and other staff. I even have an official letter to prove that.

As an employee of a Canadian University I both cycle and unicycle on campus. We are allowed to cycle on pedestrian paths as long as we give the pedestrians right of way.

Our University does not allow cycles in the buildings for both fire safety (bikes etc tend to end up blocking fire exits) and cleanliness reasons (mud, dirt, chain oil drippings etc.)

Check with your campus security group and see what they have to say.

haha I have been asked by security at SIAST to ride down the hall so they could see me ride

And one time one librarian asked to see me ride in the library then the other librarian practically screamed NO!!! so I didn’t. I found it funny.

I doubt either would have happened on a larger campus though.

I rode a 20" trials uni to class everyday for most of my college career, rain, snow, sleet, it didn’t matter. This was in Maine too. I always brought my uni into class with me, propped it up in a corner or something. In the winter I tried to knock off as much snow and sludge from the tire as I could before bringing it in as there would be a disgusting puddle by the end of class. Also, if I had time to kill between classes, it was easy to find a ledge or a bench or some stairs to just goof around on.

A 24" would probably be okay to bring inside with you. I liked riding the trials uni because the beefy tire was good in the snow, and good for stunts between classes. Small, very stable and easy to control through high traffic areas. Even in audotorium style lecture halls, I could usually shove the thing under a seat or two without too much trouble.

Yessir. Proudest member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2012, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

neat I am planning on Alabma A+M
I got my shop teacher to say yes to welding a loop on so that works out.

That is a good idea about asking the security if I can bring it in.

Only problem I ever had was when I was riding in the snow with no helmet or pads, and falling a lot. Security actually pulled me over with lights & sirens :stuck_out_tongue: Granted, they hadn’t plowed or salted in weeks (1st day of classes in January), so there was snow on top of ice on top of asphalt, with the surface having 4 inch divots in it (That’s Quebec for you ;)). They told me to stop riding in the snow on campus. The next year I was back with a muni, leg armor, wrist guards, and helmet. By that point I was safer than the pedestrians, who would fall on ice with no armor, especially since I wasn’t falling :wink:

Only other time we had a prob was when when we were told not to ride down steps, mostly because a security guy saw Mike try to ride down some steps on his ultimate wheel, which then flew off into the parking lot :wink:

Some states/provinces/etc do put uni’s under pedestrians, but some colleges/universities are private property, so it may not matter.

Find/start a club while yer at it! :smiley:

lots of fun!

I’ve had no problems at all going to campus on my unis. I’m riding a 20" and 24" and alternate with whatever I feel like on the day. I’m not that far from campus so it doesn’t really matter.

People seem to love it when I’m riding around, puts a smile on their face! The profs are really friendly too! I bring it everywhere I go; to class, the library, everywhere! Nobody seems to mind at all. I am courteous with being inside where I try to keep it clean and don’t ride, unless a prof or worker is really begging to see me do it.

Police and security also have just passed me by and not said anything so I’m assuming I’m in the clear with them. I just use the sidewalks like pedestrians. Although it does kinda suck getting stuck behind someone walking really slow on a bridge or narrow path.

It just helps you practice your slow riding skills :smiley:

If my uni was wet/muddy I’d usually carry it around inside, rather than roll it.