Camping in Moab

So, who plans to be camping? Who has camped for past Moab fests? Are there any surprises as far as camping gear? Anything you think I might forget or something extra you would reccomend?

I am planning for cold weather camping, as I’m sure it gets mighty chilly at night.

It would be great to see a ton of people camping out in Moab.

Well be staying at holiday inn express in moab.:frowning: Id rather camp

I’m pretty sure a bunch of people are going to be camping. I know I am.

Ahh, campfires, jumping over campfires on unis, yeah, it’s gonna be awesome.

I haven’t camped there, but I know three basic things:

  • Yes it can get into the 30s at night

  • Last year was also very windy/sandy

  • This year it’s a new campground so things might be very different (other than temperatures)

Those 3 reasons(and the fact that I stay in a certain hotel chain for free) are the reasons I don’t camp. Deserts are super cold at night, and windy, and sandy. Ill be nice and comfy in a warm bed during my moab stay.

I’m camping, It the best way to do it. I can uni all the time that way instead of heading back to a hotel each night.

Wow, sounds wicked awesome cool. I sure wish i could go, when is this “Moab” and more importantly where is it??

I would strongly recommend a good camping mat. That might be obvious, but still, it’s something really important.

Hotels are lame, the party is going to be at the campground!

See you there!



I’m bringing a cot with mattres:) Does anyone know if this camp ground has any good trials things. Fin’s and things campground last year was awsome for trials stuff. I hope this one will be good or better. Oh and glopal hereis all the info

TWO years ago it got into the TEENS at night. I had a 5 gallon plastic jug of water freeze substantially in my tent on the first night.

Camping is fun, but you should really have a bag rated at least to 15 degrees if not colder, or you could spend the night shivering instead of sleeping.

Moab is Moab MUni Fest, in Moab, Utah. you can read all about it here:


An air mattress is a good thing to have.

It’s comforable, the air adds as an insulator from the cold ground, and retains some body heat.

Camping is the fun way to experience the Moab Muni Fest. You hang around with the people more. The camp fires are fun. Rolf and the kids have fun at camp. You get a different Moab experience by camping.

The first year I went to the Moab Muni Fest we saw the Northern Lights at night from the campground. That was amazing. Just star gazing out there is fun.

I’ve been to the Moab Muni Fest three times. The first two times I camped. The third time I did the motel bit.

I’m not sure if I’ll be going this year. Right now I’m not planning on going, but I may make a last minute decision to drive down and in which case I’ll be camping.

If you do plan on camping you need to be prepared for what the weather may bring. As has been mentioned, it can get very cold at night and it can also get very windy. Make sure you have a sleeping bag rated for below freezing temperatures and a comfortable and insulated sleeping pad. If you’re sleeping in a tent make sure it can handle the wind and bring stakes so you can stake it down. If you have a big car (a van, SUV or wagon) you can plan on sleeping in the car. It may or may not get below freezing at night. Just be prepared in case it does.

Bring water containers to hold water you’ll need for cooking and drinking and cleaning up. Bring TP because the outhouses might run out. Bring food that is easy to prepare. I usually bring freeze dried food and canned food and fresh fruit. If you want hot water and hot food you’ll need to bring a camping stove or leech off of someone elses stove.

The camp will be primitive which means no water, no flush toilets, no showers, no electricity, no lights.

I’ve managed to sneak a shower at a motel room when I was camping. But with the campground now being at least 20 minutes away from town that isn’t going to be a convenient option. The worst part about camping is not being able to shower off after the riding.

Be prepared for the conditions and have fun.