Campgrounds at Unicon 17

Hey all!

After registering for Unicon, I thought I’d might look into camping during the event. I know at NAUCC, I picked the wrong campground and to my surprise there were no unicyclists staying there. So, if you are camping during the event, I’d love to hear what campground you are leaning towards! It’d be fun to have other riders at the same campground!

Let me know,

Peter- not to dissuade you too much, but the group lodging seems like a REALLY sweet deal. It includes breakfast too.

We’ll be there.

Thanks for your input, Dave. I think you are more than right. I just have to persuade my dad that staying in the group lodging is a better idea. Hope all is well! Keep up the riding and great work!


I will simply add to what Dave said that there are no official campgrounds on the island of Montreal, for the simple reason that it is forbidden unfortunately. You would have to go on the South shore, and I would be worried about getting stuck in morning traffic before your competitions.

Also, we will soon be able to confirm the availability of camp-beds from the Red Cross for a very cheap price (around 10$ extra to your accommodation fees), which would make the stay much more comfortable. I think it will be great too for the convention aspect of Unicon to have everyone staying together in this huge college with access to many social rooms, but still be able to get some privacy when you want it.

Hope to see you there! Take care,

Thanks a lot for your input, Hugo! I really look forward to coming to Unicon. Keep up the great work!