Camo Paint Uni-Torial

It was time to do another Muni Makeover, so I thought I’d make a new viddy tutorial that shows the process a little better. One thing I would not recommend, is getting your uni powdercoated if you plan on changing the color or repainting fairly often, as I like to.

It’s really hard to remove, (paint stripper won’t work!) unless you have it powder-blasted off, like I just did. It also costs a lot less than if you paint it yourself, and you can make cool designs, like the camo theme in this video.

So far as I know–and I’ve asked many powder coat places–they only do solid colors and cannot do designs, like camo. Plus, it’s way more fun to do it yourself and you get to have something original, and not just another plain-jane color that so many other people already have. :slight_smile:

Niceee !! i like the simplisty, if it were me doing it i would of masked it up but i like the effect just using card gives and the fetherd edges that you can get i like it man

Can you paint over chrome?

I like the “randomness” of doing it without a preconceived pattern. Just improvising as I go. :smiley:

if you sand it and get the loose chunks off i dont see why not, but then you might as well get it blasted and start off with with the raw frame that would make a better finish.

Sure, you just need to rough it up a bit, like with some 100-120 sandpaper, then giving it a coat of Etching primer, so the paint will stick better. I painted my old Radial 36er, which was originally chrome, in a similar Camo pattern. It came out great!

DSC00657.BMP (1.51 MB)

i like it once the paint is down you cant move it again it does give it a more “flowing” feel

The two 36ers below and the camo 36er above were all the same uni. :slight_smile:

From 2007:

And 2008: