I’m thinking of getting a camcorder so I can start making some vids. I’m looking for a decently cheap one, that will still have perty good quality. My budget is about 300 dollars. So if someone could give me a link or help me out at all because I don’t know much about buying one and I don’t want to regret it. Thanks :slight_smile:

I know absolutely nothing about what is the best camcorder. What I do know, is that many members on here (answering a similar thread) recommend the Panasonic PV GS320. I have got it, and it is nice. The run around $300 on ebay.

i have a nikon L14 camera (for pictures and such) that works fine :slight_smile:
(FUN was made with a crappier camera)
just make sure the camera shoots TV quality (640x480, 30 FPS)

My buddy Phil just got a new camera not too long ago.

It’s like $2,000 though, and you get what you pay for.

It’s some Cannon model that I can’t remember, because I actually wasn’t interested because I can’t afford one.

The night shots with it are amazing, as well as it’s high frame rate making it silky smooth to watch the videos.

Think I also need a cam.
I have someone else who films me, but I never have seen my footage yet.
So a own camera would be allot beter for me, want to make a movie this year.

Peter M