Camera kaputt

I was out riding with my brother, it was pretty nice weather but it was windy as hell… I was filming for the latest trick topic on the dutch forum and I wanted a steady shot, so I put the camera on my tripod. Pulled a trick and the wind just started blowing real hard and the tripod (with camera attached) fell down… So me and Tristan checked the camera, it was doing pretty good, we stuck it in the backpack so we wouldnt have any other problems, rode home, was ready to capture the tapes to the computer and… KAPUTT, get some ‘eject and put the tape in again’ error but it doesn’t eject, I’m pretty pissed off and I just popped my tire too so I’m double frustrated…

Very sorry to hear that, man. I hope you can get it fixed.

My friend’s camera is kaputt as well, that’s why no footage yet.

Hope it all works out.

ah, not good.,

one of the cameras i filmed inner balance with needs $1300 in repairs :slight_smile:

sorry but it wasn’t me :frowning:

My camera will slide up to eject but the tape holder won’t pop open? So its stuck in there and I can’t exchange tapes. Who knows what happened. lol.


Heh, that would be 4 or 5 of the camera’s I just wrecked, that really sucks…

Pretty similar problem except that mine doesn’t eject, we called JVC today and they said to come to the service point and let them have a look at it, it’s a pretty new camera but there’s probably no warranty because it fell down, if everything goes well and I dont have to pay all too much I’m probably getting a cheap fisheye for it, I only know skaters who use fisheyes, do any unicyclists have experience with them? Brian, you maybe?

P.S. Ivan, that sucks, hope you can still get some footage but you know we’ve got ages! Till like the end of March.

I thought you said 10th of April.

I was planning to get a camera and a tripod at the beginning of April to film some proper stuff. That’s when my Easter holidays start, before that I have exams which means limited time and pressure.

Whoops, make that end of April, the release for the video is 01.05.2007, I’m ill so I’m allowed to make mistakes haha…

Good and bad.

Good about the deadline, bad about you being ill. Get well soon.

Yesterday morning I went to a TV studio to some test riding and recordings (for myself), when we got back I discovered; you can’t record in riding trains (prabably we were sitting near high-voltage equipment), and… my camera’s firewire-output doesn’t do a thing anymore…
I also popped my tire (at least at tree places), but at least I have my tape.

yeh i was gonna say dust bin whats up with that we still got to do it for BUC surely

Oh right, now I see why you were confused on MSN… There’s actually going to be 2 versions, a long version and a short version. As Qu-Ax has 5 riders I can’t possibly show all their riding skills, plus the bonus features and guestriders all in 7 minutes… So the short version will be shown at BUC, then a week later both versions will be released on the internet.

Leo that sucks, how does a freestyle tire pop? I’ve been riding trials and street on the same rim for 2 years and it’s taken a lot of abuse, is yours in taco’d too or is the tire pressure too high or what?