Camelbak M.U.L.E.

I’ve been really happy with the Camelbak M.U.L.E over the last 10 months or so of riding with it, and have posted a short review on my blog

Fun to compare it to my first Camelbak, the original, bought sometime around 1993 I guess. It wasn’t fashionable to use anything other than a water bottle back then!



Nice review. I have something similar, though not the M.U.L.E. If you don’t need that much water for a ride, I find they work well as small packs for commutes to store a change of clothes in.

Thanks for the review lunicycle. I have also been using a 1st generation camelsack (as I call that sleave to hold the bladder). I can fit my carkeys and multitool in there. I wanted space to store some food, small 1st aid kit, and most importantly, a a jacket. I was also looking for a way to carry my leg armour when riding non-technical terrain. I have my sights set on the MULE and your review has helped.

I was thinking of getting the M.U.L.E. then saw the lobo. it is a little smaller but works wonders i love mine so much. plus its a little cheaper.

Same here. It’s more of an ‘afternoon ride’ type pack than an ‘adventure’ or ‘epic ride’ pack. I used to have a M.U.L.E. and can say it’s a great pack as well, enough pockets and space without feeling like a real load.