CamelBak dryer

Today I made a dryer for my CamelBak bladder.

There’s a slide show in my blog showing how I put it together.

I used an old blower from an air hockey table, a plastic bottle, and a cardboard box. I might try to make a smaller version with a PC fan in the future It might work just as well.
I know there’s at least one existing product out there, but making one out of stuff I had lying around was cheaper and more fun.

Wow! After blowing out the water I put the hose inside the bladder so that air can reach down and then the camelbak dries itself.

That doesn’t seem like much fun.
Maybe you’re not a dork. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.:wink:

That’s definitely much more fun than a bent coat hanger!

Great idea.

I’ve just taken to storing mine in the deep freeze.

I take care not to bend it much when removing it from the freezer. Before using it, I’ll run hot water through it to remove any ice that’s built up in the hose / nozzle.

That seemed easier than trying to dry it out.

I keep mine wet inside. Especially when I’m using it.

Good plan John. How about when you’re not using it? Whiskey rinse to keep the algae out?

Seriously, I only ever use it for water, and mostly I let it stay “wet” between uses. It’s important to keep it well sealed, or this would be pretty gross. But the Camelbak brand is made with what appears to be medical grade materials, and it stays, for the most part, hermetically sealed. Only this weekend I’ve noticed the bite valve is starting to drip, which means it’s probably time to replace that part.

For maintenance, it’s mostly important to get it rinsed out well. I don’t see why you would need it to be dry inside, unless you use it for stuff other than water.

The dryer doesn’t work all that great. There’s no heat, and I don’t think I’ll mess with that. After just dumping out the water, it takes more than 2 hours to get dry with the dryer.

But I still don’t like the idea of just letting it dry.

I’m thinking about getting a sponge on a stick (like for cleaning drinking glasses) to try the bladder best I can, and the using the blower to finish it up.
Maybe a stronger blower too.

Can you stuff in a couple paper towels and then just shake it up a bit?
I’ve always been reluctant to take it out of the knapsack thing very often as it’'s not easily removed and I’d rather not damage the bladder.

So far, I’m sticking with using my freezer. Besides who doesn’t like a frozen granola bar after an hour’s ride. :smiley: I always leave one in the pouch. Someday I’ll leave my phone in there by mistake!

I stole this idea from someone, I think they posted it on here.
Basically you cut one of the supports on a coat hanger off and sand any sharp edges down (no one wants a leaky Camelbak).

Oh, the holes in the door frame are from a pedal strike and the tyre marks are from my Nightrider.

I’ve started freezing my camelback too. I usually add in a little water to the reservoir so that when I fill it back up with normal water, it has a little chunk of ice in it to keep the rest of it cold. It works great, especially in the sweltering hot days of summer