I want to buy THIS and with THESE
and i wanted to no how i tranfer the music to my PC. Can i use usb?

Oh and will it come with a battery. Stupid question but i need to no:D

thanks in advance

What’s with all the recent camcorder questions in the unicycle forum lately? How about asking the tech support stuff in Just Conversation? Lots of good answers in there…

You transfer music to your PC by ripping it from CDs, or otherwise copying it from other sources into software. The right software for you depends on what you mean to do with it.

Does camera come with battery? Look it up. What does ripping mean? Look it up. Then please follow with enough information in your questions that we can give useful answers.

Thread Is Wrong i said music not film:( dam i cant even edit it:@
and now i made a new thread just changing it to film. I was ment to edit not make a new one:@


You can still delete it by pressing edit, chosing delete and pressing the delete button. Do it now, before it’s too late!

I there no edit button. it gone:(