Well, me and my mate, englishkiwi want to buy a camcorder but we dont no what to get :thinking:

We in the Uk and dont want to spend more than £200:)
I need to load onto my comp with USB

Thanks in advance:D

You could pick up a Sony Cybershot W-30.

Takes great video.

Here is a sample.

Just make sure you hold it steady, if you look at my other videos, my older brother is a horrible director.

More help from my best mate google:D

that is a nice picture…how much was it?

Overall Rating: Product Rating: Excellent
Image Quality : Product Rating: Excellent
Durability : Product Rating: Excellent
Ease of Use : Product Rating: Excellent
Quality : Product Rating: Excellent
Value for Money : Product Rating: Excellent

Product info:D


  • P & P: £5.88

Its actullay a camera but its takes video…

Anyone no of a good actulll camcorder or any others so we can make a comparision

Any one no about this(link)?

I highly recommend that Cybershot, takes amazing pictures, great battery life, and the video quality is pretty good even when it has YouTube compression.

if its not against yer morals go check out a local pawn shop.

i just picked up a canon GL2 (with a mini dv recorder deck) for 550.00… thats a little more than you are looking to spend, but that is also 3,800.00 US dollars worth of equipment

you can probably find someold digital vid cameras in yer price range

lol ty
i cant see stu or me worrying about morals to be honest.
pawn shop like second hand shop in uk?


A place that often has tons of stolen items that people sell to it for crack money.

Panasonic NV-GS75 should ba also available arround 200 and is 3CCD Camcorder (miniDV) You need a PCI FireWire Card to capture DV-AVI but that is arround 10 BP. 3CCD Cams offer better Quality and better colours.

In England we have a special word for those places; Cash Converters!

[shudder] I feel so dirty now even just looking at the site!


My motherboard has Firewire built in :slight_smile:

lol cash converters!
never actualy been in there…
doesnt look great ether…
but could do lol

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: Can you find me one, or something similar? haha

haha i wish, i would be makin loooooot on ebay…
this one was about 10 years in the waiting

what kind of plates are those and were did yuo get them

I made them, they’re EB Plates.

can you pm me a close pic so i can have a friend make me a pair

Search button.

Only problem is you cant really take stuff back “When” we brake it, same with a 2nd hand shop or even Ebay:(