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I know that we tend to grumble when somebody asks a sophomoric question, but ……

After Lewis’ contributions of his videos on this stie from our Delta Rendezvous last weekend, I decided that now it is time, too, to explore this tool of the 21st century. I would like to spend less than $500, if that is possible. Lewis’ was much more expensive but I don’t know what all the bells and whistles are on his nor do I know how to use them. All I really want to do at this stage is to shoot short segments to post on the Memphis Unicycle Club web site and perhaps here. My intention is to carry it with us on our MUni rides in a small pack. What are some of the most basic recommendations that you may have – Price range, name brands, etc. ?

RE: Camcorder feedback

> I would like to spend less than $500,
> if that is possible.

It’s always possible to buy really cheap stuff. How little quality did you
want? :slight_smile:

If you get a video camera, I highly recommend the miniDV format if you
intend to do editing. The cameras are smaller, and the digital media is
easier to work with on a computer.

But if all you want is simple little clips, you could also consider a
digital camera with video shooting capability. That’s what all of my clips
in the gallery were shot with:

However, if you choose to go that route, remember that you are not getting
a video camera. It does video as a side-feature, and you’ll have very little
control over said video. My camera doesn’t do sound, but many others do.
Mine shoots up to 30 second clips, which I hardly ever do.

Unlike unicycles, there are lots of Web sites that not only sell all the
zillions of available cameras, there are also review sites that compare them
without trying to sell you stuff. Like this one:

Good luck,
John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

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from morons?”


Thanks for taking the time to respond on the non-uni topic and for the information and suggestions and camera website. You perfectly sent me in a new orbit toward documenting our club’s progress.