Cambridge, UK - Trials rider spotted

So bit of a rubbish day at work and I’m walking back through Cambridge, UK at about 5.30pm and notice a guy on a bike wearing a army green skate helmet.

Nothing odd there really apart from the trials uni (I think a koxx devil) strapped to his back!

I just watched and starred while he rode past. Should have said Hello but I was just not expecting it.

On the off chance anyone have an idea who it could be? Anyone here?

Did he have like a backpack on his back as well?

There was a guy at the skatepark in colchester sometime last year that just happened to be there at the same time as me and a few others on unis, and he said he was from cambridge, and wanted to get into trials, and was going to upgrade the uni he had (it was bad…). He looked a bit like a busker as he played the harmonica, and he had some devilsticks and juggling balls - this is why I say did he have a backpack.

I told him to make an account on the forums like I tell all people to when I meet them, but they never do :frowning:

Not sure to be honest.

I’ve been in cambridge a few times with a koxx red devil strapped to my back, but I’ve changed it and it’s pink now… but i’ll be in cambridge round august so if anyone is interested in a ride give me a shout :wink:

I’ll probably go back home sometime soon as well. If there are any trials riders in cambridge though give me a shout i wana organise a ride :wink:

Just a bump on the off chance

hey, i live kinda near, let me know- even though my trials skills aren’t a scratch on yours, i just love the opportunity to go out and ride.:smiley:

I’ll be back in cambridge sometime, i’ll give you a shout when I eventually go visit my parents.

I could probably join you in cambridge, my dad worked there and likes it, so unlike southend which they hate, cambridge could be on the list. When would you be planning on going?

I’m sure there is someone on here from cambridge, his avatar is him with a mug of tea or something in his hand.

Its paul royale I’m on about by the way, Just saw a post of his

It was Me

Ha HA do i win a prize it was me!!
Andy been in cambridge for 4 years, go to cambridge community circus, and uni hockey and sometimes cambridge fire troupe too!!

HeeHee yup its a koxx devil got it because it looked nice “oh how vain”, altho didnt have to pay much as got a few bob from doing some university summer balls!!

The seat post broke recently you all have probably heard that one before!!

Love To jump off Anglia Ruskin Steps before security catch me!!

Anyway look forward to me prize HaHA!!:slight_smile:

I’d be up for a meet around Cambridge, although I’m really only into Muni I’ll give anything a go.

There was a ride in Cambridge this Saturday just gone. You just missed it!

Meh, if only all this happened in Cambridge, Tasmania :roll_eyes: