Cambridge Trial Devil 19" Koxx-One fluo yellow

I sale my Unicycle: Koxx-One

-Ultrathin Luxury Saddle black imitation leather on top cover and kevlar on sides Koxx-One
-Pit fight Seat Post (break three times less than reinforced and lighter) Try-All
-Fluo yellow one bolt seat clamp Koxx-One
-Seat post sheam Koxx-One
-Rim fluo yellow 19" Light Try All
-Isis 7075 T6 Aluminium trial cranks reinforced 140mm Koxx-One
-pedals Red label but paint in yellow fluo Try-All
-Tire Try-All sticky 20-2.5
-Isis reinforced Hub Koxx-One
-Frame Devil Black Koxx-One

Price wanted 200£ to discuss

Don’t hesitate to contact me for other picture or question.
If you live near Cambridge, you can also join me a week-end for see and try it!:slight_smile:

are yo aware that on K-124 the flight yellow uni(which is basically the same as this) is about £190. you may want to rethink the price

Hi guy!
I haven’t see that! What happens?
I haven’t got the same pedals, but I have a Pit fight seat post, better than the reinforced, and lighter.

New price: 150£

I can’t sell it cheapper, I prefer keep it for having some change parts, so guy, don’t hesitate to buy a new one, and look the XTP is half price too!
Thanks for the advice Simonb.

would you sell just the wheel?

When you say just the wheel, it’s the full wheel, with crank, hub tire and pedal?
If you want a fluo kit I have the seat clamp too.
Let me know what you exactly want and the price you offer me.
I’ve seen you are near Cambridge, If you know the city, and want to ride a week-end also, I’m free.
I haven’t met Trial rider here, I’m not really good because I haven’t got the time for practice a lot, but Ride with other people give me more motivation too.

i dont know if funds will be avaible but nonetheless i’d love to arrange a ride sometime.
Ive been talikng to acl about arranging a little meet in cambridge.

When i said wheel i meant rim-hub-cranks tyre and maybe pedals, but im also interested in just the rim, spokes and seat clamp

If your intersted, i have a BC wheel and many trials parts if you want to do a swap!

I’m not really interested by a swap. At first I had to buy a used XTP from a friend, but as you advise me for k124 promotion, I finally order a new. So I already will have a trial uni.
I have already test a BC wheel, but we can’t really do lot of things with it.
So If I do a swap, it will be for a 24" or a 26".
I’m ok for selling some parts but I think because of the decreasing price, it will be not really interessant for me, it depend of how much money, people will offer me.
But now the price will increase because K124 is out of stock for many Uni.
About that, I know Yoggi resigned his contract with Koxx-one, I thinked the promotion are linked to that.
Have you got lot of space for practice where you live?
Hope see you for a ride and maybe some negociation.

I’m also interested by a swap with a 26" or a 24" Muni.
If someone want to swap for a trial uni, we can discuss for some parts exchange and I can add some money, it depends of the Muni.

hey, i’m at uni in canterbury but i’ll meet you in cambridge sometime during easter holidays or sometime in april when I come back for a week and we can go for a ride if ur up for it.
Incidently thats a good price, just have no need for another trials uni :wink: i’ll pass the offer along to a mate though


that is a really nice wheelset. How much do you want for the wheel and cranks? i would maybe buy them for $80



I’m not living at Cambridge anymore. I went back to France few month ago…
Where are you from, for having an idea of the shipping cost if you want?

See ya

in pennsylvania

If you end up going parts and the tire is still available you could PM me. I’m interested. Dunno what overseas shipping would be though.


Hi guys, can you send me your exact address by PM and I will do a simulation on UPS or other shipping company.


Still selling ???

Hi guy I’m sorry I’m back in france now…



is it still selling (do you accepet euros)


Hi Bram!
I’m still having it but I’m back in France now. Are you in England or in France? I think the shipping cost must be expensive…

hey, Usul

I live in Europe Netherlands now.
How much do you for the wheelset and the seatclamp?

so im guessing shipping to the US will be really expensive? :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: