Cambridge, MA Unicycle Riders?

Are there any riders in Cambridge, MA?

I will be in the area later this week. Perhaps getting together for a ride would be possible?

Yes, in Boston! ( close enough)


I am in Boston, and ride to work in Downtown Crossing almost daily. Usually on the 36er but can bring my 29er or small depending on the riding you want to do. PM me and I’ll get you contact info. Might be able to put together a ride w/ a few of us in the area! Definitely 6 or more in Cambridge area too.:slight_smile:

I live in Cambridge but have family in town this weekend. I can likely ride Sunday if you’re interested in going then. I’ve got a 20" and 24".

Sunday might be the better weather day. Going to try to get an Urban ride around Cambridge-MIT area tomorrow with TTOCS. PM me an e-mail and let U know about Sunday

Jeff, You ride the 36" from Danvers to dt crossing?! Wow! How was Highland?

I might be up for joining a light urban ride Sunday weather and back permitting. Nursing a back injury – had to walk a few miles out of the woods last weekend.

TTOCS? A Friday ride?

Hi Guys,

Thank you for the options, but I have run out of time. I was only in town for a day or two, and will not be in Cambridge over the weekend. :angry:

Next time I will schedule some more time and ask about riding buddies earlier.

Thank you for the positive feedback. Maybe we can do it next time.


Sunday ride weather pending

Yes, Cliff a weather pending ride tomorrow, Also singular cyclemight be up for meeting us too!