Callout Video!

My fave thing in that vid was the flip tire grab…That was wicked.

In your videos, it’s not just that. You have a great flowy-techy style to begin with, so I think variation is the key. And that doesn’t have to only apply to the riding in your videos, either. Your latest vids have a lot of personality in them, and the way they are edited. As you probably already know, and I’m just the observer of the obvious for pointing this out, it breaks up any monotony–and whether behind the scenes it’s painstakingly hard work or not–it always looks like you’re having a really good time riding, even with some of your bail/frustrating moments in the mix.

Thanks for taking the time to come out with these amazing videos in the first place. I hope you have a blast making them, or at least feel that they’re rewarding examples of your hard work and dedication over the years previous, and those to come.

sweet vid, shaun!:smiley: your shifty is so good! holy moly

definitely the dopest video you’ve put out yet. i really dig the way you tweaked your riding style this time, with all the hops and grabs. everything looked super clean and unique… the benchtop no-footed stall was a neat surprise.

connor, what business do you have calling out Dan, and calling him a lazy ass? why do you have to act like a LITTLE PUNK?

nice little pic. Connor’s no noob. haha. It’s no biggy though. Connor and I spoke to dan prior to me leaving indiana and told him all about this. Insulted him alittle bit for being lazy, he admits it, it was all in good fun. I believe Connor didn’t mean anything by it.

-Shaun Johanneson

That was definately my favorite vid of yours. That was so crazy.

The pure flips may be harder but this is more fun to watch. That 180 and 180 back shifty thing was so awesome. I like the bigger variation of tricks in this one, like the coasting.

I also like all those hop on tire tricks in your old vid (the syko one I think), I think you should use that kind of stuff in lines like these.

well shaun, i’d like to say that this video was probably my favorite of yours. mixing it like that makes good watching

Shaun how do you the 180 shifty ? That was really wicked.


Hey man that was probably my fav vid of yours ever. Lots of variation, a few flips but not too many, some big ups and grabs. Sweet.

My favourite tricks were the shifty, the rolling hop up to the car, the flip to coast and the 180 (i think) crankgrab off the stairset with the gap and stuff.

Sweet riding man keep it up.


nice video. It was my favorite one of you that you have made

nice idea jhon…

we all like to see the pro unicyclers in action
keep going…

i cant wait for the dan stuff

that was a neat vid! i really liked some trick in there but i cant remember what its called or what is was, but it was really good!

that was pretty sweet, the other day I was thinking that I hadn’t ever seen anyone drop into a crank grab, but you did it… good job

i like this style video a lot more… you are an awesome rider (can you do varialflips consistently yet??

At UNICON Kevin (McMullin) said to me that he had thought of a trick, this trick was a tyre-grab crankflip. I managed to get it, I wanted to keep it special, but ha.

INSANE video man, really impressive. I know you can do alot more than just flips (like in your Syko sponsership vid, with your tyre/leg around variations). This vid also proves it.

Favourite trick…? the huge 180 shifty.


i agree with mike on the huge 180 shifty that was quality, maybe not your hardest but definetly one of the most aesthitcally impressive tricks, keep that style up mate

Hey Shaun is that just a stock KH you riding?? if not what you have on it??

That Uni is completely the same as I got it, excpet plastic pedals from Bedford. KHU is an amazing stock unicycle, you don’t have to change it at all and you have an amazing street or trials unicycle.

The 180 shifty is actually one of the harder ones, haha, hurts the stomach muscles after about 5 of them, haha.

180 shifty = lookback - Is that cool to most of you? I’m up for ideas. haha

There’s a such thing as I turn down in biking, so maybe lookback is decent.

Shifty = 90/90
Lookback = 180/180

hehe i saw this before it was on the forum, i was looking through some of shaun’s youtube vids and found it…yay

annyways…bloody bril…loved the 180 lookback (i learned something) and the crankflip tyre grab… def my fav video of yours now i even have it on favourites :slight_smile:


don’t you get pissed at breaking seatposts and seats? It seems like you break 5 in every vid. I even managed to break a KH seatpost… :astonished:

Lundgren has been doing those for years