Callout Video!


This is my callout vid for a certain rider out there.

This is not a competition between videos. It’s just a video posted for the public to call out another rider to post a mini vid for the public. Do not compare! Enjoy.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. The rider knew about this before this vid was posted.

sweet ass video. i liked it even better than the night sess.
can’t wait to see what dan is working on.

What can I say? You keep getting better everyday. Keep riding hard.


Nice video, and great german hiphop.



I think my mind is about to explode!!!

ok so I couldn’t just leave it at that.
I have two main things to say…

  1. That was absolutely amazing, your riding is top notch man.

  2. This call out stuff is sort of exciting, you could be onto a winner here, but I’m sorta confused. Has this been organised between the two of you? Or is there a little grudge match here? Either way, it makes good viewing.

I don’t know who to support, I’m firmly in the Shaun J camp most of the time, but Dan is the reason I started street riding, he’s the godfather of street. Guess it’s something to think about, I’ll let the riding do the talking.


P.S. I don’t know if it was intentional, but I loved how you ripped off some of Dan’s style in your vid, and you did it well, along side your on style. very cheeky but very clever.

Ah KlownLife you are correct. The ripping off of Dan’s moves was intentional. lol. I hope this callout vid stuff takes off, I like the idea. I spoke with Dan Heaton about a week ago and told him he needs to come out with alittle mini vid just for the public, nothing too amazing, unless he wants it amazing. So I told him i’ld call him out in a video. Not a competition just two vids to be enjoyed by all. I hope you guys liked that not so flippy video. lol.

-Shaun Johanneson

Great video, very varied, and the song was good too. I like the fast, flowy pedalgrabs

Great vid! (What else to expect when it’s mr. Johanneson’s…)
I really hope that car you roll hopped up to was yours! :wink:


shaun your riding was amazing! i like you riding street like that! you can really flow
i loved the 270 crank stalls… Dan better back his shit up!!! hahahahahaha
your amazing shuan! keep it real!


wow i really liked that one. How long did it take you to film that? Keep on ripping off dans style :wink:


Very nice video, you should make some more like this one.

Ditto for me too, except some of that Dan does better… pretty awsome stuff too though, cool doubleflip 180. And, great that you are getting Dan to make more internet videos!

I guess i’ll keep it more old/new school street stuff. The vid took about 3-4 hours filming. Over two different days. I’m really getting into manual pads (crankflip coast, jump one foot coast, 180 flip fakie 180 off. Stuff) So expect more tech stuff like that in the next one.

-Shaun Johanneson

Holy crap man that was amazing. Those transfers from flip tricks to coasts and stuff are amazing and add soo much. I am amazed at how much your videos seem to change and impress me. To be honest when I first started watching your videos I found them pretty cool but alot of attitude without much substance but now each one is really impressing me more and more, not just the moves but the editing and just the whole feel of the movie.

definately my favorite video by you so far… the seat whip/ matrix flip was sweet and fast


Shaun man…Let kno one say that i dont love your flips and spins…But that videos was F**KING AMAZING!!! That seems like its so much more your style… So much more flowy. Keep em commin man.

that was alot better then most of then because it had more vareation. do them more that this one.

Well i’m glad you guys like this style more, it’s a bit easier to do. So i’ll stick with flowly tech stuff and cranky stuff, haha. Awesome.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. I appreciate the comments on the flip to coast, that was the hardest thing i’ve done in awhile. haha.