CALLOUT VIDEO (sp4rky-M4rky)

so I’m calling out Sp4rky-M4rky
thats all there is to say, get out there and ride, make a video and make it good.

wow… thats fair good
shame bout the rim though

skrobo i think you are a bit of an owner operator myself

you rave on about how you do these big gaps like 7 foot over a garden with a drop of 5 foot and all this shit but do we see any of it in your lame ass callout vid? um NO why not i might ask…maybe you are just talking yourself up…maybe there are other reasons… but for all the big gaps we hear about in the ‘today I’ brag thread there werent shit all in this here vid of yours…

yes the big 4 set, the 9 set and the 180 over barrel were good and i congratulate you on being able to do them as i know hops like that arent easy, but like i said, for all the gaps you say you’ve done there wasnt much evidence here to back you up…

maybe a callout vid of my own is in the not too distand future

i am keen for sp4rky m4rky’s response to this…

Settle down, what you see and do not see don’t matter here, nor should it effect you enough to personally atteck someone here.

good ridding, the vid was pretty good two

Skrobo does have a way of exaggerating things. It pisses me off when someone says they can do something that they actually can’t do. His evidence is pretty lame, like filming in the dark with dodey measuring.

Also I find a lot of his comments really cocky.

Nice work skrobo, huge stair gap, but really disappointing landing. I just assume that u jumped off, so that brings it down a bit in coolness.
Plsplspls send a clear, STRAIGHT ON, good lighting, and measuring tape to really test you 9ft+ gap.

Ok I am up for It. I will make it as soon as I can but its forcast rain for about the next week and I have to work today. I will try and go into town tomorrow and get some footage if the weathers not too bad.

i think you mean ‘too’
that two means 2

This video isnt even better then sparkys first vid, he might as well just post his old vid again and rename it, “call out vid response”.

yup I mean too

that sidewalk i jumped over is 7’5" across.

What about that 9ft shizz?
And that 7 foot has a curb. I can do 7 with curb.

atleast somebody agrees with me, thanks danni, i am off to collect incriminateing evidence

gapped over 10 feet (shut it thats what i did)
A HUUUGE 180 over a big 4 stair. (that means I jumped reallly high off of it to make it showy, even though noone was watching, not even my camera.

today i … well I rolling hopped 10 feet 5 times, but I have done that before. I did a pretty fun muni line (a whole 8 seconds long)

i would like to see this 10foot gap on a non dodgy film…
and this huuuge 180, would also like to see your massive huge trials course, you tend to use huge, massive, insane ets a lot as if you are trying to make something sound way extreme…

i need to make another vid
maybe i will call out the increadible “MATT V” …

skrobo i hope your listening damn good

firstly i would like to say that i am sorry for the comments i have made about you on this thread, that does not mean my beliefs have changed but what i am saying is that it was wrong of me to attack you the way i did in such an aggressive manner, when i could have gotten my point across much more niceley.

do i like you?..not really, do i respect you?.. yes, i do believe that you put a lot of effort into your rideing and love being better than ordinary, thing is it seems like you exagerate a little. i did not say you werent a good rider because you are a good rider and i seriously hope you have not been offended by my comments on you or your rideing as you didnt deserve that.

continue rideing above your ability :smiley: and do not let others ruin your fun.

good night