callout video...anybody

hey i was gonna make a video for my myspace groupies over spring break with all my knew stuff. but i think i wanna do like a callout thing again. remember like with me and irvinegr? something like that. im just basically seeing if anybody would be up for challenging my new vid thats coming and then we’ll have people vote on it like last time. if not then it is what it is. but yea if you want to like do a little video callout thing against me…then ugh…accept the challenge, its calling your name. its right out in the open. its available. wow…3 shots of tequilla and im gone. but yea anyone that wants to accept just get at me.

alright bye.

hey dudewithasock…matt is it? i think so. um i read in the other thread youve not landed a unispin yet. i thought id give you a quick tip or 2…or 3 or whatever it takes…and these are ‘jonny tips’ so like theyre different from the other stuff you may hear

1)be really rhythmic…arythmatic spins always end in you not wanting to commit with your feet.
2)and this is just me speaking here but i held on to something real tight with one hand, and spun with my other, becasue as long as youre holding tight to the other thing your body will stay upright.
3)dont trip about wearing 661’s…they may help they may not, but i saw dont trip.

i dont know i hope you land…landing my first 180 unispin was more exciting than learning coasts for me, just cuz you never know when you ll stick it. Ask God too, ive asked God for guidance everytime i learn a new trick, and be sure to accept it if you dont get it right off. answer is not always yes.

anyways hope maybe that helps even though its basically a rant…haha…ummm yeah but anyone that changes their mind and wants to do a callout just get in touch with me.

maybe message me there cuz i check that more frequently than a pm id get on these forums. but if not a pm will do.

peace out,

Show me what you’ve got! I’m up for it.


me againgst jason auld? crazy. but yea itd be awesome. i have a few new tricks that may be a surprise in the video. 2 different styles thats for sure. and jas ill try and you get the clips for your buc vid they wont upload or go through as an email so im really stuck at this point. hope youre not mad. :frowning:

and yea if we do competition vids we should like make just a few small rules like a time limit. actually that should be the only rule so constraints dont bury creative flow. let me know jason.


I’m good, anything goes with me, you can lay down any rules you want.


P.S. No hard feelings about the clips, just get them to me as soon as you can.

what the heck
im def. up for it at the beginning of summer
i have some HUGE stuff I’m going for soon. stupidly huge, in fact.

ummm i say the time limit should be between 3 and 5 minutes. i know thats a little broad, but sometimes fast clips back to back are how a rider choses to show their clips and sometimes theyre longer and drawn out like a combo reel. so i think 3-5 minutes is a good time limit.

man itll be crazy to do a vid ‘‘against’’ you jason. youre amazing…your 540 unispins are so clean…youre treyflips too i saw that not long ago. haha i dont know how my freestyle stacks up to it, but i guess we’ll see. i just hope i get 1 vote my way. at least. maybe 2. but it takes practice and good eating. when do you want to have the videos done by? i think maybe like…april 5th or so? cuz over spring break i have time to film. matter fact im down for sooner than that but whatever works for you just let me know.

and skrobo yeah jsut get back with me at the beginning of summer then, and ill do one against ya too.

cant wait just got my new uni today…that means the video is gonna be hotter than paris hilton. and you know it.

still chillin,

Im game if I can get Tim to film for me.
street and trials?
or what?

yeah any style is straight dude. i dont wnat it to an uptight thread where different styles arent welcome…those threads blow. but yeah matterfact lets do like a 3 way comp. me torkerdx and jason. and we all drop a video aroudn the beginning of april and then people vote.

I’ll do a callout.
But i can’t do freestyle, so it’ll be like comparing apples to oranges.

I can do mid-late april easily. early april will be really hard for me though

Hey there, i am new to this whole site but i too was planning on making a video. I have started on it some already but i was interested in your “callout” idea, that sounds fun. Get back to me.

Can I get in on this too?:smiley:

yeah jeff you can be in on it too, and you abbabibble, but then lets stop there so its not like outta control. funicycle these videos are going to be very amazing and from what i can tell you are new with unicycling so perhaps just wait a little while. i mean if these videos werent gonna be awesome id say otherwise.

so itll be:

jason auld (THE jason auld)
and abbabibble

lets all shoot for april 5th with it. is that good with everybody?

haha, jonny, you’re far too kind. Like Torkerdx, mid april would be alot better. I’m in the middle of my BUC vid as you Jonny and it might be tight. If I’m gonna get more votes than any of you it needs to be my best riding so I’m out and the rest of you go ahead, I’ll call you out after BUC jon, don’t you worry, haha.

Any update on the footage for me?


uhhh…well. how bout you just get back to me when you can do this jason. im not trippin. i sorta wanted to do it with you. and yeah ill get those clips soon.

what if we do one every month? Have the person who is called out call someone else out
it would make it more fun.
and we would all get lots better, quicker.

Im not so new to unicycling. I will still make a video we will see what happens.

you stone def? me too!!!

callout vid being in the style of street of trials or freestyle?
i might be able to back up a freestyle vid:o

also in the tradition of myspace vids… myspace wont let me join:(