Callout vid


This is my callout vid for a certain rider out there.

This is not a competition between videos. It’s just a video posted for the public to call out another rider to post a mini vid for the public. Do not compare! Enjoy.

  • Dustin Schaap

p.s. The rider has no idea I posted this video, and hopefully will never find out.

loved it!

and i also love how you spelt his name wrong too! just brilliant!

Nice gaps and summersault

Wow, such skill!

Chris Holmes is one mean rider, but I think he’s gonna have to slack this one up.

Wouldn’t they be CH unis if his name was Chris? I don’t see how people who read these forums still manage this typo.

Callout Video

Well at least you put a lot of emotion into the callout!


Someone didn’t get the vid.

someone clearly missed the meaning of my post

Wait, so did I get the vid or not?

Een akvieler men ortoobg met nodut.

No, someone clearly missed the meaning of my post :stuck_out_tongue: I was kind of refering to Brain O. not getting it, and used two fine examples of people who DID get it :wink:

Nice one Dustin, you’ve really improved since BUC. Keep it up and you’ll be a great rider some day.


that’d be so sweet if kris posted a video in response.

Qu-Ax unicycles beat the pants off of CH unicycles!

Woow, Dustin this must be the best movie I ever saw.
I’m just so amazed by your hops and summersalts :roll_eyes:

Peter M

Hah what was with the Japanese music?

dude you are a sad little man, thank you for wasting 2 mins of my time i cant believe i just watched some newbie doing somersaults and making 30cm gaps over a gravel path, seriously, get some skills and we’ll talk again!

ALSO: riding down some gravel path is not extreme, i hope you have something different in your next vid. kris holm kicks your ass!

Ahaha :o I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

Some people actually do make that mistake though. I’ve seen countless spellings of his name.

are we talking about kwist holmes again?

He’s jelous of this guys mad skillz.

:thinking: was this vid meant to be funny? Or was it serious? it’s honestly quite hard to tell. Either way, it’s kinda… hmm. Nevermind. weird? haha

whatever, props for going out to film at least…