Callout Vid

Here is my callout vid, I have been extremely busy so i did not get as much riding in as i wanted, but it was fun to make. Enjoy!

Awesome video!

Your doubles are crazy smooth. I liked the drop. Are you okay? It looked like you bent your seat.:frowning:

I expect big things from you in the future. Keep up the fantastic riding!!!

Nice Anna.

Bail was good :stuck_out_tongue:

I better hurry up with mine!

My knee is messed up so I can’t ride too heavy, but i’ll try to get it done soon.

I really enjoyed the laid back feel. Crazy smooth doubles and great riding all around. This is going to be tough to beat.

Nice vid.

That was a big drop

sweet vid :slight_smile:
good flow and editing :smiley:

great vid :wink:
the Bail was cool

great riding!
You could use a camera person.
Pretty huge drop. Congrats on not breaking anything.

Thanks everyone! The drop was scary it took me a while to finally go for it then i did it three more times but i quit my attempts because it kind of hurt. the stiffener plate in the seat has been broken for a long time not because of that fall.

That was a brilliantly high and big drop. You are a gutsy-gal…
Keep 'em coming.

Nice riding Anna.


Anna that was great. And that drop looked like it took some guts. That was pretty great.

awesome video! makes me want to learn more flips and 540 unispin :wink:
the drop was cool :smiley: next time you will land it:)

Trey flip, double flip and 5spins were impressive ! Congrats