[callout] Nelson Trials

I finally finished my callout to magixause.Im away for a week so i wont be able to reply and ill upload to vimeo when i get back.Enjoy !!


Awesome vid! The music was ok too!

Cool! Where’d you find ALL that great trials stuff? Especially at the beginning.

Its a moto trials course about 30mins drive from us.Its in the middle of nowhere.My friend has managed to get the council to build us a trials course :D.ok off to Nz uni weekend.Ill be back on Monday night

nice vid !!! :roll_eyes: :wink:


I really want to try that playground line.:slight_smile:

Uhh hopefully I can make something close to as good ha
I’ll get my video made as soon as I can

Awesome lines, loved the song too. I really want to go see metallica in concert now.
You kinda cheated though magixase doesn’t ride street, and you did like 3 street tricks at the end.

I do just as much street as trials now. I do more big street than tech though.

Kool vid. All the lines involving skinnies were sweet. I don’t think the song suited it that well though, and I don’t like new Metallica :P. Some more street would’ve been nice too :P. Maybe a rail or two? But you’ve inproved tons, you’re gonna clean up in trials at uni weekend :P.

Awesome vid! The music was really really good too

from the new album my top 3 are
“All nightmare long”
“the judas kiss”

lots of my friends say metallica are sht but i say they are sht

metallica are good as was your video

ok im back and NZ uni weekend was practically the best time of my life :D.Thanks for all the comments

I’ve started my video. It’s a lot different than yours so far though, so hopefully you can compare them ok.
I still really like your video though. I’ve watched it like 5 times now

lol cool.Some of the lines in mine i didnt like cause i used way too many hops than i needed but oh well.

Solid Vid

Great riding! You’re really good on the skinnies

Uploaded to vimeo

me too, I tried one similar to that except it was an arch that went about 5 feet high and it was 6 feet wide. I was trying it with my tire perpendicular to the cross bars and I fell when I got to the top and I fell 5 feet to land on my neck/back. My neck was sore for like a week. That one looks a lot less dangerous.

If you guys are coming to unicon youre welcome to stop in nelson and do the line before wellington :smiley:

now people can compare the vids easily.