[callout] justin vs justin

well i dont have much time to ride with school. but since its the beginning of term i managed to skip a couple days of school to just ride. I was going to finish this video tonight, but, when i got up this morning there was a couple inches of snow:(. so i didnt get to land everything i wanted for this. but im more then happy to do another one when it gets nicer!

anyways, im calling justin abbott ( aka yunisyko)




Very nice!

I really liked the riding and editing and stuff.

I think I liked that one rolling hop up that slope and then the 180 to fakie and 360 unispin line the most.


I think this is the first 24 Inch street video I’ve seen where the bigger wheel hasn’t limited the riding ability - ie doing crank and spin tricks. Or maybe I just haven’t seen many 24" street vids :roll_eyes:

yh that was cool
thats real street!

Awesome. Can’t wait for Abbot’s vid.

yeah i cant wait to see what he has in store. i tried to get a little more tech with this vid. But i never got to film a rolling up and a couple of double flip tricks. but i had a ton of fun making it, and i got to test some things in after effects:)

so its all good!

I really loved that Footplant Sideflip thing you did on that ledge. Looked really cool. The video had a bunch of creative tricks, that were done on a 24"!

Very impressive- this is already an epic call out.

Great vid. I liked the line around 50 seconds and the colour isolation.

I can’t wait to see yunisyko’s vid

Awesome video! Great editing and it was really nice to see you back on a 24. I really dug that one line with the ledges, and the sessing over the divider. Very nice!


Nice video. I think I saw a double back in there? Sweet!
Very cool flowy lines. You rock that 24".

I like your style

So refreshing to see street done on a 24" for a change! :sunglasses:

yeah i had a 20" for about a month but i hated it. ill never go back to 20 again, 24 for life!

these kh '07’s are so light. its like riding a 20" ( same weight wise)

Im surprised nobody commented on the crankflip up the 3 set! I guess I’ll be the first. that was real nice, especially on a 24. Im not sure I can even crankflip up a 3 set on my 20" (i think i might be able to do a small one)! but I guess your used to your 24". well, it was really nice seeing something from you Justin, I hope Abbots vid is coming soon!

i think im going to just make another little video soon too:) one of my assignments for school is to make a title sequence. so i might do a chase scene between bikes and unis:D

What editing program do you use? That black/white/blue effect was

Glad to see you back on the 24".
I realy liked the grind on the rail at 2:30 were you hook up with your crank.
And as always, creative and flowy lines.
Good job.

Peter M

Genraly realy liked, Very good vid.

I thought the flip up the 3 was pretty nice also, especialy on a 24".
The first line was so smooth and slick, shame you touched the wall, I liked it none the less.

Looked like your nice long fast grind was on the berring holders.

king kong ain’t got nothin on you.

Yeah it was, I have adobe premier elements, and the color replace/color select effect it has looks terrible…