Callout Discussion Thread

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and finally decided it was worthy of its own thread.

Here is the place to talk about callouts, suggest callouts, or call other unicyclists out. For anyone who’s wondering, a callout is a video competition between two or more riders. The unicyclist community votes on the videos, to decide who is the winner.

If you’re interested in a callout, post here :wink:


I’d be interested in a callout with somebody my level :smiley:

sounds like a good way to push myself …

Brandon Nankivell who just posted a video is about your level. In a month or so after you’ve both improved a bit, I’d like to see that callout :wink:

You both released videos pretty recently, though. So I’d wait a little while. :slight_smile:

… I’m pretty interested in another callout too. Anyone want to call me out?

I think it would be cool to see a “blind” callout, where both people release their videos on a planned date or something. Mostly, I think whoever gets called out has the upper hand, because they know exactly what they are competing against.

I reckon there should also be such a thing as a like, 2 way callout, i.e 2 people in one vid vs 2 in another :slight_smile:

That could produce some epic results?

I’ll go against whoever.

lol omg yes.Whos wants to callout me and duncan matheson ?

Me and tim fully would if it was just street/flat haha. Maybe.

Sounds like fun but I’ve pretty much done all my best stuff in my most recent video that you’ve probably seen. We could still do one I guess, I think I could chuck some more tricks off obstacles this time. Want to?

EDIT: Oh yeah I can’t do any rolls.

That would be pretty awesome. Maybe me and Pat could do something…

someone should callout buchi

Who is Buchi?

buchi is a very good german flat and street rider :slight_smile:
probably the best.
but there are just short vids of him or he don´t ride flat
so his best tricks aren´t in some videos

Yea, Callouts are cool. I like the ideas so far, like the blind callout and a team callout of a few people vs a few people.

Team call out…Voodoo are game! Street, Trials, Muni whatever you fancy.

MUNI CALL OUT?! i love it…

voodoo vs team dirty needlez? our video will b done soonish anyway

I would love to do a Callout for Muni Or Trials! I just have to find someone at my level…

maby I will join to ^^
not sure yet… haven’t a lot of time to film :stuck_out_tongue:

Voodoo Vs Needlez, Voodoo Vs Needlez!!!