callout?? anyone?

who wants to be called out? I’ll finish my video and make it a surprise, this doesn’t have to be a discussion. You can PM me if you like. I just want to know WHO to call out.

oh, just to be reasonable, if you can’t get up a 3 set…no

unless you ONLY do freestyle, but you gots to be a decent rider.

i know gots to, im texan get off my back!

whatever happened to you vs. forrest rackard? thatd be cool. i would accept myself but im doing one against jason auld. im excited to lose, its gonna be an honor.

I thought the idea was to “call out” somebody, you cant really ask who would like to join. Its a wether they like it or not kinda thing, isnt it?

forrest had his computer crap out on him or something like that.

I would get owned so bad it isn’t even funny.

yeah, can you think of anyone?
PM me if you can.