Calling Tassie unicyclist's

I live on the northwest of Tasmania, Australia and have been riding unicycles for about 1 year now. So far i have meet three other people who could ride, one has given up, the other was an exchange student and has since gone home and the last is impossible to get hold of.
So you see i have been somewhat flying solo in my unicycling endevours.

Therefore Is there anyone out their who lives in the same are who would like to join up and go for a ride sometime?


I am not from Tasmania, but I see that you are new on the fora. Welcome!!
I am sure you will find everone helpful and supportive here .


I will be going to Tasmania at the end of the year if you want to go for a ride?
Where abouts in Tasmania do you live, I mean like town name or whatever?

bumping this up, was my first ever thread and i found nothing. wondering if any newcomers might be a visiting.

ur has dissapeared of the face of places that i might look for him.

Edit: and Podzol, thankyou for the wonderful welcome.

Nice thread!
If I ever go to Tasmania, I’ll give you a buzz.

I have some uni friends in northern Tasmania, but since I don’t know who you are I might be talking to one of them! Call the Arviers in Penguin, they’ve just returned from a year in my hometown in northern Canada. If you see them, say hi for me.

I went through highschool and come of college with Robert Arvier (and Chris), he was the one who inspired me in the first place, juggling swords on a girrafe… :0

He said he rode a coker whilst he was over there, was that yours by any chance?

Alas none of them unicycle anymore, they all know how to ride but its like pulling teeth getting them to come along, ive been trying for about 6 months now.

EDIT: Consider them said hi to :wink:

well im Tasmanian but you could hardly call me a unicyclist. Im more of a juggler with a slight interest in unicycling. After reading all these posts am pretty inspired to get better at it.
I live in Hobart by the way

hello, interested in learning any trials, street?

I know that Gecko (aka Nathan Watson) is in Tassie for the holidays. Not sure which part of Tas, though. I’ll PM you his email address.


We chatted for a bit the other day and I figure this is probably the most efficient way of updating the situation.

Turns out I’m going to be coming home on the 24rd but still heading your way on the 19st. We’ll arrive in Hobart and then we dunno. Dad wants to go up through some mountains or somthing up to some town starting with the letter B I think… Berrick maybe? Only a few kilometers up the road from you. We’d probably stay there the night, but we’d have tents w/ us in case an offer were to come along :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah, we should be able to go for a ride. We’d then go to Launceston for a bit… heh… monkeys. Then head back to Hobart then back home.

That is all.