calling "ryan atkins" or "jeff groves"

hi ryan or jeff.
i am 13 and am ordering bedford deluxe bc wheel and would like some tips for learning the bc wheel?

I may not be Ryan or Jeff, but I have met them and ridden with them at CMW, so to stop your redundant posting…

Riding the Impossible(BC) Wheel.

So you should roll it then jump on first thing? That seems kind of scary is there a step you can take in-between? Is it easier with a fatter wheel?

That was plain rude. WHy do that? Yeah, there’s no reason to assume that Ryan or Jeff are the only people who can teach, but there’s not reason to jump on him for asking. Also, so what if you’ve met them? Does this suddenly make you a better rider or person?

Ryan and Jeff rarely view this forum, so it’s unlikely either of them will stop and look.

My advice is to let this thread die and start a new one called “BC wheel help?” or something.

I think you are viewing my post too harshly, He created 2 threads in a row, basically asking the same thing. So I figured I would help. But I know I am not as good a rider as Ryan or Jeff are but I figured I could help, and not dissapoint him. In no way was my post an attack on him… So chill please.

EDIT: Jeff just Logged on so there ya go!:smiley:

HeY :slight_smile:

haY Ryan!
Can you send me your MSN adress?
My adress is:
add me please :slight_smile:
This is very nice!
Thank you! :wink:


HeY Ryan! Can you send me your MSN adress?
My MSN adress is:
Please add me :slight_smile:
This is very nice:
Thank you!
Bye x)