Calling Roger...

A long shot but I will very probably be at the unimeet on Saturday, and if you had a 28 Nimbus (II ?) with you, you would probably make a sale - especially if it had, ooh, shall we say 110mm cranks for now?
Mike Wilkinson


Wasn’t it around May when you were trying to choose between a Coker and 28"? At the time I’d just bought the 28" due to not having the space for a Coker.

As usual we always get both choices in the end, I now have the space available for the Coker, just the family to persuade…


Yup! Slowly but surely I’m collecting the set:
Nimbus II 20 inch
Nimbus I 24 inch
Pashley MUni 26 inch
Coker 36 inch
Pashley UMX 20 (ancient and tired)
Hand made vintage 1959 20 inch.

And soon, I hope a giraffe.