Calling Phil on T-shirts


Are you still planning on having MUnispotting T-shirts printed and
distributed on order for this side of the Atlantic? Seeing that Eli’s
deadline is near, I’d order one from him otherwise for shipping
overseas (overoceans).

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In a week and two days I will be back at home, with my degree project out of the way and lots of holiday to enjoy. Then I can get round to t-shirts.

As far as I can recall they’re not in high demand on this side of the Atlantic…

  • John
  • Joe Rowing (2)
  • Klaas
  • James
  • Me

If there is anyone else, let me know. I’ll PM everyone when I do something.


I can recommend plotter printing from - very fast and pretty cheap even for small quantities too. Looks as good as a bought t-shirt, not like laser-printed shirts.


I recall reading somewhere that plotter printing isn’t good for large volumes of text, because some poor schmuck has to cut round the edges. I’ll give them a try anyway, but I don’t think plotter printing is the way forward…



Yes I would be intrested in one of these shirts, are you going for the clean version?

I missed the original item in the forum fortunately the search facility allowed me to find what you are talking about.



i’d like it clean

just for the record Phil, i’d like a clean version! (got little sister’s) don’t want them running around reading my tshirt out loud!

It seems the majority of people prefer clean ones, so that’s probably what they’ll be.

Keith, I’ve added you to the list…