Calling out Kris Holm (danger uni)

Kris, you better read this. How are the geared uni’s coming along? And i dont want to say it, but when will they be out… honestly? At Moab u said July or August. Also what gear ratios are the hubs going to be in? I thought it was 1:1 and 1.5:1, is there going to be any other options?

Well, Iam dying to see these uni's so i guess that's why I made this thread wich there are many others out there. I know there was somthing else i wanted to ask, but i cant remember ( :angry:  ) so ceeya later and keep up the good work! Your uni's are still the best uni's out in my opinion.

These kinds of questions are probably more likely to receive an answer if they are directed straight to Kris Holm Unicycles in a private email. The website gives an email address. If you get a reply, you could post it here.

maybe i will email him

Musket…Did your other question happen to be. Why dont you make a 26" Muni?

no, i dont think that was it, but i would love for kris to make a 26"