Calling Out Daniel Wade!

Dan! Im calling you out!!

Riding in Palmerston North and Wellington

Trials Street and the tinyest bitta flat.

You like? comment :smiley: haha cheers

Chris Aitken (Boffytheunicyclist)

very nice all-round riding! :slight_smile:

Awesome mate, the only criticism that I have is clean up your pedal grabs a bit :slight_smile:

Haha yeah Boffy, your pedal grabs have been the same for quite a long time :stuck_out_tongue: But to be fair, I’ve ONLY JUST become confident with my pedal grabs xD (used to always hop up from cranks)

Nice video! The SIF pedal grab backflips were really cool!

Haha cheers guys :smiley:

lol my feet didn’t come of the pedals in any of the pedal grabs! Its an illlusion :wink: haha just saying.

Lookin fwd to Dans response!

Nice vid:)

Not the best camera angles. There was a lot of filming of your back. It’s best to set the camera or tweek your line so you film your front.

Your hopping the cylinders would have been hard to do from the front w/o a camera person, so you could have filmed it several times from different angles to your front. Then spliced them together to make it look like it was one shot. That’d look better IMO.

minds eye, good song