Calling on you tech savvies re. 22.2 Coker Seatpost

I just bought a used -shall we say vintage Coker- with 22.2 mm seatpost and an inflatable KH seat. I would like to add a KH touring handle or Coker pi-bar for added comfort. If I got the 25.4 pi-bar, I would need some sort of adapter sleeve. If I got a KH touring handle, I would need another seat as there appears to be incompatibility with the old inflatable seat. Any thoughts, dear friends?

A 22.2mm post really isn’t very strong. If I were looking to add a handle to an old coker like that I would be looking to build one off of a stoker stem that would fit around your frame to keep the stress on the post a minimum.

Sometimes old roadbike frames are the right size to make a boom as well.

I’ll search for Stokers and I see your point. On my end, I was thinking that I could get added support by tieing in to the grab handle bolts. Perhaps this might reduce the stress on the seat post. Cheers

Nah, the 22.2 mm seat posts are plenty strong! They are made of steel, and I have never seen one broken. Have you?

The pi bar won’t work (and is sucky, IMHO). The KH will work; you need a new KH seat with the reinforcement; the new seat will work on the old coker seat post (I’m pretty sure). It doesn’t depend on the seat post diameter for the seat itself; just the bolt pattern, which hasn’t really changed.


Thanks Corbin. I might just take the route you suggested, by going all out KH-style.

I made a modified bar end touring handle for a local rider who didn’t want it. It’s not too crazy, but it is 22.2 diameter and uses a 1" stem from a bike along with a cut section of handlebar and a couple of bar ends.

I can send pics if you pm me an email address. You can have the bar end mount as I have no need for it.

Edit: Based on Eric’s reply: the handlebar mounts to the seatpost- not the seat.

I have bent every 22.2 seatpost I have ever had (4 I think) but then they were quite long and exposed on a 20" trials unicycle I was learning on. The cheap thin ones didn’t stand a chance and I even bent one of those thick knurled ones after a while. Granted that was with horrible sloppy technique and many many falls/dropped seats.

It did help to ram a dowel up the middle of them for internal support though.

EDIT: With much less post showing on a 36er the seatpost size shouldn’t matter as much, I still wouldn’t trust it to take the forces of a seat mounted handle though.

You should be able to use a 1" threadless stem with a faceplate made for a 1" bar with your pi bar. The stem would attach to the frame, and it would replace the Coker stem that came with the bar. Those 1" stems are not too common anymore, but you may find one cheap. Another bonus is that when mtb’s had those stems it was trendy to have long reach. I liked my pi bar, but it would have been nice to get it a bit further out.

I’ve been running 22.2 on all my unis for ages. Trials, muni, 36er.

Been down some crazy trails, taken plenty of big falls, never broke a post.

Broken plenty of handles and even a few seats…

I have broken tons of post, my resent one was a kh forged on my muni and it was a 25.4

He’s road riding a Coker, so it’s not like he’s going to be beating the crap out of his seatpost doing Muni or Trials. I’ve had the same 22.2mm seatpost on my road 29" for 12 years. I’ve busted 3-4 of the same on my Muni.

I ended up using my KH Freeride seat along with the touring handle.

At this time I am street riding only with some light stair hopping. Should be a piece of cake for the seat post.

To be fair, my 22.2 seatpost is a Primo Rod. Thing is made of solid Adamantium. I could imagine a cheapo 22.2 CrMo post wouldn’t fare as well.

…and it has a bit of unatanium tossed in for added strength.

So you’re saying that your primo rod is really stiff then Jason?

I’m balancing a car on top of it right now!

Timoteusmunk, I’m wondering about doing the same thing on my vintage Coker and wondered how you’ve liked it so far. As you can see in the pic below, I put a KH seat on it and am debating between running the handlebars from the seat or from the post.

Unigoat, sounds like Timoteus ended up not taking you up on that. If you still have it, and might be interested in selling it to me, I’ll pm you my email for pics. Sounds like it would work perfectly, as I have a vintage Coker with a 22.2mm seat post.

If that doesn’t work for you I think you could get a coker pi bar (50$) and one of

shims ($6.85).

Great idea. I hadn’t thought of using a shim.