Calling Midwest Jugglers/Unicyclists - April 11-13th, 2003

The Iowa State Unicycling and Juggling Club is planning on a juggling/unicycling festival that will coincide with Iowa State’s VEISHEA celebration on April 11-13th, 2003.

I’d like to organize a few muni and coker rides sometime during that weekend.

At this point the possible muni rider roster looks like this:
-George Barnes (definitely)
-Brian Schuster (probably)
-Aaron Parker (maybe)
-Mojoe (maybe)
-Danger Dave (maybe)

Coker riders:
-George (definitely)
-Jesse Shumaker (definitely)
-Aaron Parker (maybe)
-Mojoe (maybe)

If you don’t have a Coker, we have club Cokers available and I have an extra one of my own.

For more info, check out:

If you plan on attending, please contact Jesse (from the website above) or myself.


There are plans for unicycle jousting too, if that’s your thing.


Me and Dave will be down for sure. We’re only coming down for one day though, so which ever day works out better for muni is when we’ll show up.

See ya then… Mojoe