Calling Jeff Groves and the CUF

Hey Jeff and Danni, I am unclear on what is happening with the CUF. I had lunch with Jeff and we talked about a number of things and I am unclear on what it is that we had decided on. I know that Jeff is planning to have a Unicycle event in the summer and have everyone added to the CUF membership at the competition and I was aware that others like Danni in Alberta were going to do the same. So I have a guestion or two…

Do we have a membership form yet? There is a meeting in Montreal on March 3rd and it would be great to have some people get signed up there.

Do we have an actual Constitution yet? We will need to have some form or Consitution or Mission Statement to be able to be a Federation.

How are things shaping up as a whole. I haven’t heard anything since our lunch meeting. Do we have a website or anything?

I tried making a series of poles that were a disaster. I am setting up a comp here in Alberta, and if Jeff can get the forms and all that I can send them out.
I know nothing about what Jeff has done, haven’t heard of him in a while.

Jeff has gone to where the summer is, and should be back around the end of April…


I’m afraid that I really haven’t done anything lately about getting a Canadian Unicycle Federation going. I am currently in Colombia, will be here until early March, then Peru until the end of April, when I’ll be back in Canada. I do manage to get to an internet café every now and then so get to check on the newsgroup sometimes.

As far as the CUF goes, Eric Evenchik from Ottawa offered to make a website. I will email him and see if he is still willing to do it. I think that it is worth while going ahead with that even if we are not a formal organization yet. Some of the things that I’d like to see on the website are

* A list of Canadian Unicycle Club with contact info and links to a website if they have one
* A list of upcoming Canadian unicycle events
* A list of people who are willing to host visiting unicyclists
* A list of Canadian unicycle/parts distributors

There must be many more things that would be useful to have on a website. All ideas/contributions are invited and very welcome.

I got a number of names of riders and some info about clubs after my original post about the idea of a Canadian Association. Ben, you mentioned an event in Montreal in March, and I believe that Budd is planning something in Waterloo too, so it would be great if there could be a sign up sheet for all interested Canadian unicyclists at these and at other upcoming events so we can begin to make a comprehensive list. It would be good if there was also a space for people to write out any ideas/suggestions they had, as well as a place for them to indicate if there was anything that they would like to do to help out in forming this association. Actually there should also be a facility for this on the website.


I am planning a unicycle event in waterloo on march 10/11. If there are any canadian riders interested, contact me at:

Jeff, let me know if there is anything i can do to help launch the CUF.

-Budd White