Calling all UTAH Unicyclists

Hey guys,

Just a heads up I made a Utah Unicycling group on facebook so everyone in Utah can stay connected and ride together more often. That’s the main goal :slight_smile:

Join it here:

Thanks everyone!

-Kevin Kartchner

I joined. It’ll say I’m from Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands because that is where I am right now. I grew up in Utah and my hometown is in Utah. I’ve lived on this island for five years and I am graduating high school, so I’ll be returning home this summer so I can go to college.

How about an impromptu muni gathering in early to mid August, during the two week break between Summer and Fall semesters?



Thanks for creating this. Looks like I finally have found a good reason for joining Facebook.

I had a great Muni ride with fellow Salt Laker Tom on Sunday afternoon: Wasatch Crest from Guardsman’s Pass to Mill D trailhead in Big Cottonwood Canyon. 10.25 miles and something like 1,200 feet of climbing and 3,000 feet of descent in 3.5 hours. Awesome weather, fall colors, riding conditions & company.

Finally did a ride that made good use of my Brycer-refurbished Maguras, but my quads are still feeling it, and reminding me of a great day spent on one wheel.


UPD in Utah

a.k.a. Bert

Bump… It’s 2016, let’s ride.

Calling all Utah Unicyclists,

Killian (from Ogden) and I (from SLC) want to try to get some group rides going here in Utah. One option for an upcoming group ride would be Antelope Island.

Is there any interest out there?

Reply to this and send me a P.M. with contact info if you are interested.

Let’s ride.


UPD in Utah

(a.k.a. Bert)

Indeed. Let s get something going.

I’m in. I’m sure the rest of my family will be too.

Hey Utah! We’re having a muni weekend here in Colorado if any of you want to make the drive over. Details: