calling all unicyclists in the UK!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here goes –

Where did Bin Laden get all his money? From the Americans.
Who trained Bin Laden? America.
Who did he fight for first? America
Where did he fight first? In Afghanistan against the Russians.
Who helped Bin Laden make a terrorist network? America
Why did America support Bin Laden? So he could fight those horrid communists that are everywhere not excluding Russia!
Why did America attack and destroy Iraq? Do not make me laugh – war against terror – it was a war against the dollar. Iraq had plans to start selling oil in Euros. Like Venezuela, which started trading oil for Euros their government fell led by an American backed coup, now they trade in dollars. Doesn’t that make you think?

That is my sixpence for today.


Like the Taliban and Osama. If only the Americans understood irony :smiley:

trouble making regimes

You left off one very significant regime that america (and Britain) has been propping up to further their own aims. ISRAEL

im confused.

someone seems to have got Osama bin laden and the taliban involved as well now

this sounds a at least a little racist to me

America is behind the funding of many such regimes. And then when they get out of control, they have to go to war with them to “sort it out”.

It sounds very racist to me. Remember the photos of those Iraqis being abused by US soldiers? I think we have another in the making.

yes, but my opinion of palestinains is equally low. they will not compromise, and will not stop till they push the jews into the sea. that’s why i support the jews, who are able to hold their ground, with an army a fraction of the size of their attackers. its funny that paestinians want to kill the israilies, tho, cuz their economy depends on their enemies. fools.

thanx to boogie and me realizing that its impossible to argue with 12 people atr onec, i admit defeat. i suppose just one event wont wipe the jews off the planet.

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hey funny story, you’re wrong. the word fuck stems from either middle english, or german. “fucken” in M.E. means “to strike” and “Ficken.” “Fokken” in middle dutch means “to copulate with.” the word has nothign to do with farmers. gasmaster, as a proud american who considers himself reasonably conservative, you should be ashamed of yourselves. foreign policy is so complicated and twisted that only those with acess to vaults of information about it are in the position to form an opinion, and act on it. stay out of it. and by the way, israel is a state formed by (not sure) either the UN or the league of nations after WWII. the palestinians have every right to want their homes back, and the jews believe that that same land was given to them by god. neither side is evil, they’re just trying to survive and fight for their own ideals. like how the US was justified in training bin laden in afghanistan during the cold war. did we think he’d turn on us? no. hindsight is great, isnt it? if people realized that the gov’t knows more about this than they do(at least in america), everyone would shut the hell up and life would be a lot easier.

my 3 cents.

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You’re also wrong - read as posted earlier.