calling all unicyclers

to my fellow unicyclers, i need your help. i have been challanged. Challanged by the evil Barron Musgrove, he has set down a gauntlet that i cannot get 100 frinds on my myspase acount before he does. So i need to recuit YOU as a fried on myspace and together we will defeat the evil Barron Musgrove.

To join me , click on the link…

then go to the add to friends link.

There is only one picture of my unicyling exploits right now, the rest of the pics are used up by my recent gap year spent in canada, but i have some vids of me trying to hick flip, and inward flip to upload in the near future.

Down with Barron Mussgrove


Wow, another reason why I don’t have a MySpace account…


i hear ya john foss



suck my left

HAHA harsh dude.


…ear? Pinky? Give us something to work with.