calling all UK riders!!!! where are you?

a town called CHORLEY near manchester, some1 hit me for no reason the otehr day (i was uniless) ran up behind me and smaked me shouted “get ur possy down here mosher” he had like 1000000 people behind him so i didnt hit him back. and i dont have a “possy” friends but not possy

I might be tempted! It looks fun around the docks. Were you one of the three from whom I borrowed a uni for a quick try (I didn’t quite make half a pedal revolution) at the street sports thing there last June? Two chaps and a girl, all around twenty something.


Edinburgh, Scotland. Any other scots unicyclists, post back


No i moved there around that time but wasnt me. Yeh theres some alright places to ride about, Loose invited me along to a bike trials ride about in Bristol couple months ago which was fun. So if anything comes up ill give you a buzz.


A friend lent me the first series on DVD recently.

You’ve been quiet recently.
How are the videos coming along?

It’s in the East Midlands, I’m at uni in Newcastle but hope never to return to Rutland for any length of time. It’s classic tory-boy country and best avoided.

Was that in Bristol? Me, Simon McAndrew and Leigh Wilkins were at a cycle awareness day in Stockton-on-Tees last July, I did lend out my uni to someone so they could have a go, could have been you…



See you at the BUC OLLIE!


Yes, Bristol. Never been to Stockton. At the time I’d been practicing on an ancient Pashley 24" for several weeks with not much progress. The three uni-ers I met were on 20" trials cycles, it seemed so much easier on the smaller wheel that I ordered one from an Ebay supplier the next week. Always wondered who the three were, there was some sort of extreme sports / street sports event on at the docs all weekend.

I’d never met anyone else on a unicycle. In fact, I still haven’t other than two kids of about 16 in Stratford on Avon at the end of July or so. I was moored on our boat opposite the theatre (unicycles are great for boating as they fit into a small corner) and was wobbling around near the bandstand trying to turn left (I’d got turning right to perfection!) when someone on the other bank shouted “unibiker!”. They came over on the chain ferry and spent half an hour impressing me by cycling off the stage, freemounting and all sorts of stuff that I’d only read about.


I think Steve holds circus workshops in Stratford so maybe that will be another way to meet other unicyclistS?

Get yourself down to Bristol and ill do some riding with you :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats wierd, 2 cycling awareness days, same time, same number of people… Bizarre. Good you got to have a try out though.

Sounds like you met Eamon or some of his friends, they live in Stratford and go to Steve’s circus thing. I meet them there all the time, me & Dave (Kington99) ride in Stratford a lot so we bump into them in the park a lot.


I think the name Adrian is buzzing around in the murky recesses of what’s left of a brain… They said there were about five regular riders in Stratford. Might see you when we have our annual boat trip up the Avon.


No that’s Warwickshire, and I know becasue i went to the ridiculously stuck-up public school, nearly everyone on my lane has atleast one 4x4 and the fox hunt (before they went under :D) used to regularly get shot by my neighbour. What’s wrong with labradors per se anyway?

Martin, would be good to see you in Stratford, Loose and I probably don’t count as regular Stratford riders as we are at uni half the year, and we all drive so we move around where we ride quite alot, so there can be quite a large group at times.

im a edinburgher aswell but im only just starting uni so am not really doin much as yet.

I met a guy near Queens University in Belfast a couple of years ago who was excellent at freestyle. On St.Patricks day in fact!

There’s a circus school in Belfast…I’m sure there must be a few more riders lurking about.

me too!

I’m from Letchworth, Hertfordshire!:slight_smile:

im suprised people from the Devon area havent chimed in so,

I live in Exeter along with Amanda and Bishop (they live in uffculme), A guy called nathen, a guy called nick (plymouth), Lucas lives in bude i believe.

This post was boitless but still…


[side-note/] Amanda Nick is apparantly getting realy good, the one who was quoting comic books, weirdo. [\side-note]

Lil Random, what part of edinburgh you from, check your PM for more info.

I can ride a unicycle and I live in uk wooo hoooo lol pointless but thought i should post seein as everyone has

ooh ahhh i’m from cornwall (however i do not speak like a farmer)