calling all UK riders!!!! where are you?

just wondering how many uk riders they were? and if any of you live near the hull/leeds area???

sorry nope, Bristol, i used to live near leeds :stuck_out_tongue:

LOTS - try and get yourself to the Britsih Unicycle Convention In Scarborough (just up the road from you) in May and you might meet quite a few of them.
for more info on the BUC

YEAH!!! Im deffo going to the BUC taking my caravan and staying the full weekend, so if any one is coming then you may be able to stay if you want!!

im from the UK … near manchester though

I’m in Newcastle during term-time, Rutland (East Midlands) in the holidays.
Have you seen the Unicyclist googlemap thing?

It’s pretty cool since it’s damn near impossible to find other uni’ers by chance. BTW if anyone is ever up in Newcastle and fancies riding feel free to get in touch. Ditto for Rutland but I don’t see why anyone would ever go there unless they took some kind of wrong turning:p

Where am I?

Geographically: Nottingham.
Metaphorically? In the slough of despond - I’vehad no opportunity to ride for over a month.

Mikefule, how horrendous. I’m in withdrawal for lack of Mikefule stories.


PS, I’m from Prestatyn, North Wales

As of about a month ago I’m in Malvern, Worcestershire; I live about thirty seconds away from loads of fantastic trails on the Malvern Hills.

It’s dead handy from the M5 if anyone is ever passing by and fancies a ride…


hey cathwood i went there on holiday once,well i say holiday, just went out 4 a trip and stayed over 4 the week end lol. just wondering are the rides there all the time (on the seafront thingy)near the “skate park” and all the amusements???

I’m in Surrey, the land of posh people and 4x4s :slight_smile:

I live near Luton, Bedfordshire! We have some good woods to ride near here.

I’m in Princetown on Dartmoor (South-west, between Plymouth and Exeter)
Nowhere near Leeds I’m afraid. Sorry about the shameless plug :slight_smile:


Check out the unicyclist roster.

Hey, I thought Rutland was the land of posh people and 4x4’s. Plus we have labradors, foxhunting, two ridiculously stuck-up public schools, the barbour jacket-and-jodpur combination, the list is endless…
Beat that!:slight_smile:

I live in Northern Ireland and it looks like im the only one
but im doing my best to convert people to the ways of one wheel

my towns ful of chavs that will throught bricks at you if u gove them half a chance

Haha, I have no idea where Rutland is, but if it’s near Newcastle maybe it’s the Northern equivalent of here!
There’s loads of horses and loads of horsey people to go with them, and a posh private school up the road. Haven’t seen any foxhunting though!

Harsh! Where do you live? I lived in Portsmouth last year which had plenty of chavs, but they mostly seemed quite friendly.

Nympsfield, near Stroud in Gloucestershire. Sometimes seen cycling around Gloucester at lunchtimes.

The only unicyclist in the village.

Hey Martin, i live in Bristol, you should come ride down here sometime