calling all south african unicyclists

a couple of members of johannesburgs’ “balls up” juggling club got so bitten by the uni bug that we decided to (half jokingly and after a beer or two (-. ) start an organisation called “The Gauteng Unicyling Society” GUS for short (
we r trying to get hold of as many one wheel bandits in the gauteng region as we can
we meet on thursday nights at the roosevelt park community centre and occasionally at emmarentia dam for some juggling and uni’ing
at emmarentia u can also do some off-roadish kinda stuff

drop me a line if u’d care to join us sometime
use the gus e-mail addy


no response?

good to c my posting attracted 18 views
sadly, no replies
ppl just curious about south african uni’ing and not a single south african unicyclist on this site ever?
i’m not going to let up
i know they must be out there because the bike shops all tell me about how many uni’s they’ve sold since ‘that’ episode of 'ripley’s believe it or not ’ was flighted on sa tv
we r leaving fliers in the bike shops offering to help the new uni owner learn to ride
hopefully we’ll get some responses that way
if anyone has any contact with other south african uni’ists, please get them in touch with me?

thanx for putting up with me


Maybe you can make a homepage, so people have a better medium to get infos about the organisation.

good thinking

thanx for the input
i’m kinda hoping to run into someone who can do that kinda thing
i know how to switch it on


you can get free webspace here at so u do not have to pay for webspace

There are three people listed on the unicycling roster for South Africa. you may want to contact them:

> > i’m kinda hoping to run into someone who can do that kinda thing
@ your $ervice: or better said
Who hates the in stead of .za, since I wished to have (nice domain for my pizza-cutting-unicycle)

Please mail me for details.
En als je Zuid-Afrikaans kunt, vind ik het leuk als je dat gebruikt om in te mailen.

Re: calling all south african unicyclists


I’m based in Durban. You are not alone. I didn’t see the tv show, was it any good?

Ex Africa semper aliquid novi.

Re: calling all south african unicyclists

Moritz Hahn <> wrote:

>Maybe you can make a homepage, so people have a better medium to get
>infos about the organisation. will provide web space to any unicycling
organisation and probably also to people trying to start such an


Ken Fuchs <>
unicycling (rsu) mailing list owner & proponet


as life twists and turns… i’ll probably find myself in london by the 1st of june
i will leave GUS in good hands and hope that they’ll get the website off the ground
good to hear from durban!
hope to hear of more unicyling societies springing up around south africa
we might even get some decent uni’s imported into this country