Calling all Seattle-area Unicyclists

Hello Seattle-ites,
I am moving to your city very soon. I am moving from Atlanta, GA where I have been an active member of the Atlanta Unicycle Club.
Who are you?
I’m sure I have met many of you at several Moab Munifests and NAUCCs.
Let’s get together and ride (Coker, muni, freestyle, basketball, hockey, etc…).

I will arrive in Seattle on May 6th.

-Reid Jacobson
Atlanta, GA (but not for long!)

Hi Reid,
I am tomblackwood. Perhaps we’ve met at a Moab although I haven’t been in a few years, and I’ve never been to a NAUCC.

There is a pretty active riding community here in Seattle, at least for coker and muni, and the occassional trials. Some great places to ride as well. Not aware of any hockey or b-ball, but there are a couple well-organized clubs (Uniques, Panther Pride) that may do this.

We also have a local email distribution list we use to arrange our periodic rides. Lots of chatter sometimes, but we usually end up getting it together to ride at least a couple weekends a month. Send me a PM with your preferred email address, and we can get you added.

Look forward to riding with you.


I’ve only seen one uni rider in Seattle when I lived there, he was probably like 11 but was amazing.

I’ll be in Seattle also & probably going to be doing a group ride in downtown on May 17th. We can have a combined bike/uni riding perhaps? :smiley:

Basketball? Hockey? Excellent! I haven’t played unicycle hockey since last summer and maybe a new player will help push this community in that direction.

I Live 30 Min From Seattle I Ride Coker, Muni, Freestyle Too

Join us

Contact me or tomblackwood to get on the list for various rides. We usually ride the IronHorse trail a few times a year which would be quite convenient for you. I’m in Woodinville myself.

PM sent!

Don’t forget the North Bend Uni Day is this coming Saturday!

He’s moving here may 6th :frowning:

Anyways, I hope to see everyone in the area there!

Thank you all for your responses! Keep 'em coming.
I am very excited to move to your area and ride with you all!

Tom, you and I did ride together at a Moab Munifest a few years ago. We rode together on the backside of the Slickrock trail for a little while on a really hot day.

I will PM you.

-Reid Jacobson