Calling All PA/NY/MD/NJ Unicyclists

An organizer of the Pro Cycle tour has posted a request for us unicyclists to put on a demo and maybe even a coker race at the Commerce Bank Triple Crown of Cycling. The date would be June 10 and it would be in fount of the Art Museum in Philadelphia. I have e-mailed the organizer and he is basically asking us to come up with a concept than we will work out the details. So what I am asking of you is who would be interested in coming and what ideas do you have for the demo.
Thank you

Please replay hear of e-mail me at

If there’s enough interest an exhibition can be done for each of the more popular riding styles; Muni, Distance (Coker), Street, Trials, etc… I’d have to check the date but if I’m free I’d enjoy exhibiting Coker and Muni. For such an event maybe you can get some of the pro’s to participate.

With no more Motorama or Rolling Trials at Rays, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been to any big uni events this year. So count me in. Of course, if it’s outside the Philly art museum, we would have to do a hopping race up the steps a la Rocky, prehaps with the theme song blaring on a PA. I’d be game for a coker race too.

I’ve got a few trials obstacles left over from the old HoW days: some large tires, an adjustable sandwich board, some short posts, pallets, and other stuff I’d be happy to bring up.

If I can make it, I’ll be there. Be nice to meet up with some new faces.

I might be around Philly doing research this summer, so I may be interested. Trials demo’s are probably the best way to go in an urban setting.

OK, now I really have to come if Ben PS is gonna be there.

What kind of obstacles are already there (as in urban stuff). What kind of space will we have to set up our own stuff?

Dose anyone know an e-mail for kh other than than the one on his website

well I’m definately gonna be there especcially with that torker ax 29er lookin so fine.

Let’s get lots of us to run our dogs while we unicycle, maybe even the unicycle dog-run race Greg Harper claims he’ll win.

Or a unicycling-juggling race.

Bump. i need to know who is realy gona come. ill do all the set up all you have to do is show up and ride

I will come for sure, my brother lives there. Count me in.

I’m on call that weekend so I won’t be able to make it.

Any more news? I’m coming.


What time should we arrive, and where should we show up?

I need more info before I decide to go or not.
Where, when, what will we be doing?

I’m home now, so I will be there. Can’t promise any demo quality riding though.

I’ll definitely be in the area this summer. What sort of set up are you going to have? I don’t check here very often so shoot me an email if this is going to happen, and I’ll try to make it down there. ben (at) benps (dot) com

im not shore if this is still going to happen. there was little interest early on and i kinda forgot about it

Well theres enough of us that we should get something together in the next month or so.

Yeah, I’m gonna be in Swarthmore all summer and I’m probably going to get pretty antsy. I’m thinking about taking a trip to the Diabolo freeride park in NJ, a mountain biking friend of my told me they have some good north shore type riding there. Any other MUni riders in the area should let me know if they are interested.