Calling all Nice Melbourne Unicyclists!!

thats a pretty good idea actually

yea it is, because after like an hour you can get up to $50, that payes for 2 days accom. plus we have allllllllllll day to do shit all, so the more we busk the cheaper the trip becomes.


so i reckon dates are get here the 7th leave the 13th

sounds good. anyone know of any places that are interesting to go to down there?

interesting unicycling-wise or tourist-wise or both?

Yeah my mum isnt cool with you guys staying at my place either so it looks like its gonna be a backpackers.

I am not doing anything at all all in december so whenever you guys decide to come down i will be freee to go for a ride.


I’m definatly up for a ride. I finish school pretty early so it should be good. This is gonna be sweet. By the way, what are you guys names?

interesting to go to? i want to go to an aquarium, we have none in Tassie and i havnt been to one for about 6 years :frowning:

haha that would suck no aquariams :stuck_out_tongue:

thats cool backpackers sounds really cheap anyway.

my name’s owen and toms name is, well, tom.

i warn you though-

toms pretty good (shit compared to you guys tho)

i’m pretty shit (pretty shit compared to tom)

I am Tom as well.
I probably am not good, i have never had anyone to ride with so i never really push myself to far. Also my Nimbus is only just holding together anyway

are you gunna get a new uni before then?

i think i’ll only take my 19.

or should i take the 19 and the 24?

I hope so. I am buying one as soon as I have finished school. Cause then my father will pay for half of it because i didnt drop out of school.

Owen I think you should just take your 19".

mmm i am a little excited at the prospect of unicycling with others. Most of my friends here marvell and say: “wow i could never do that” do we have any set dates yet? i am needing to book plane tickets this week so that i get them cheaper

yah i’ll just take my 19 then, prolly fits in the bag a LOT easier.

well im planning on flying down on the 7th, and flying back up on te 13th.

not final dates yet but i’ll know by friday.

sweet… umm yeah that is all

i see.

wow i am going to feel a little old around you guys :frowning:

haha. yeahhhhh.

but at least your better than me at riding

Better hair too.

I look farward to going for a ride with you guys.


Better hair too.

I look farward to going for a ride with you guys.