Calling all Nice Melbourne Unicyclists!!


tom (tomTrever) and i are thinking of going down to melbourne from the 7-13th of Dec this year to ride. We wanna keep costs down cause we dont have a lot of money (yes, we’re cheap) and are wondering if any of the melbourne riders here would be so kind as to let us stay at their house for a few nights if possible. We’d even be willing to sleep in a tent in your backyard if we need to and are allowed to :stuck_out_tongue: .

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, Owen

hey owen i dont know if i would have a place for you to stay (i would have to run it past the parents) but i would love to go for a ride when you are down here.

Anyway i will ask around about accomodation.


PS are those dates confirmed?

the dates have to be on or after the 7th, and on or up till the 19th.

thanks for that super fast reply max!

ok. i think most of us victorian street riders are off school by then.

i will get back to you. if we can coordinate this properly then maybe tobogonist can come up from tasmania at the same time. that would be cool.

Anyways i have some serious homework to do so i probs wont be here for much longer so pm me.


that’d be sweet as!

i am heading up to melbourne around the same time… any chance you guys want to meet up and we could make a trio? cause at the moment i am going with three other people but they are going off to check out universities and stuff and staying there…

that’d be awesome!

i’m free from like the 1st of dec to the 21st of dec, i can go anywhere in there by myself.

sweet, i finish exams half way through November. I was going to head to Melbourne on the 5th of December for a few days. But it depends on what happens with work.

where were you planning on staying?

No idea. I was planning on doing the same you had with this such thread. i have some relatives that i was going to stay with one night. but i was thinking maybe just a back packers hostel for 20 odd dollars a night.

i’m game for anything cheap.

very cheap

hmmm, Well we normally just stay at a backpacker hostel when we go down to Hobart. For the first night anyway then we are kicked out and sleep in the cars. but it cost’s about $20 for a room. not sure about Melbourne though.

we could always set up a tent in the middle of the city

You should hijack a hot air baloon.

heh… Keven.

I think I finish up school on the 10th of december.

I’d definately be up for a ride. I think it’s a good idea too.

Make sure you tell us the dates when they’re finalised and we can work from there.

I’m sure Keven likes men and the others will be up for a ride also.

It’d be nice to meet some more interstatians who unicycle.

I’m sorry to say that I don’t think my parents would let me let me let you stay here though, I’m a fair way from melbourne anyway.


thats cool.

i gotta run it by my parents but im pretty sure they’d let me do it if i tell them exactly whats happening. the only problem i have is working out accomodation, but that can be finalised further down the track.

should i bring my 19 and 24 or just my 19?

i will be allowed, most probably. they let me go to sydney by myself for 5 days once. im gonna take my new 24" KH definately.

wow, i will hopefully have my new uni by then. being good balancers we should balance all the unicycles around in a circle and drape a tarp over the top. instant accomadation.

now thats what i call cheap accomodation.

i plan on telling my parents about this by the end of the week. at which point i need dates and info about where im staying.

i think a backpackers place sounds like the go

do you know what, we can busk there every couple of days to pay for the accomadation.